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Yorkies In, Yorkies Out – Happy Tail Foster to Furever!

Its a wonderful thing that happens in animal rescue, those times where animals in need come into the care of a foster family, and the foster family decides that their charges have in fact arrived at their furever home – theirs! Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary foster volunteers Ellen and Gord relate their happy tail foster to furever story of yorkies in, yorkies out – foster graduates all! 

yorkies rescue
Buddy and Baby come into BCFS rescue

You may know that dark soul wrenching emptiness that fills your heart when your beloved pet crosses the Rainbow Bridge. That is the emptiness that Gord and I were hoping to change when deciding to volunteer for Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary. We had lost our two cherished Yorkies, Bubba & Beauregard within a short space of time. We needed to be surrounded by the beauty and comfort of animals in need while not committing to the heartbreak of losing any more cherished family members, our dogs.

Fast-forward a few months – little did we know how working with the BCFS team would provide that opportunity!  The experience filled our hearts once more. And it would eventually put the animal heartbeat back into our home. Well, two heartbeats to be exact!

Volunteering Salve for the Heart

Joining the team in October, Gord and I helped out in any way we could, from scooping the poop to walking the foster dogs. It was our pleasure to aid in any way we could. We knew that BCFS is always looking for safe foster homes to accommodate the many animals they rescue. We were even considering becoming one of those much needed foster homes. Providing a safe haven to these creatures as they transition to their new furever homes is the ultimate contribution.

Then the deciding call came in. Amy and Judith, knowing that we had vast experience in loving Yorkies, informed us that there were two Yorkshire Terriers about to come into rescue. Would we be interested in fostering them? Yes, yes, yes, we could help!

rescued yorkies buddy and baby

Buddy and Baby Work Their Yorkie Charm

Buddy and Baby, a father and son Yorkie pair wo had been together their whole lives, entered our hearts and our home a few days later. Much quieter than the Yorkies we had raised previously, these two lovely little dogs looked hesitant and a little bewildered as they walked directly to their prepared beds to snuggle together for comfort.

These two were owner surrendered after their 8 and 9 years with their owner and our hearts were heavy for all three of them. Hesitant to eat, to drink and to be comforted by us, the key was to allow Buddy and Baby time to grieve their owner as we had done during the loss of our precious dogs Bubba & Beau. We did not force ourselves on them, instead offering kindness and patience until they were ready to need us.

baby yorkie rescue buddy yorkie rescue

To our surprise and delight this process only took a couple of days. We knew it when we woke up one morning, and we found them both at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for us to come down. When they caught sight of us,  they started prancing and barking. Yes! They were finally talking! And yes! They were finally asking to be picked up and held. And yes! The four of us understood the feeling of fulfillment that only dogs and their people can feel.

I am convinced it was during this moment that the deal was signed in our hearts (even though our three sons knew long before). We were not foster parents to these two, we were their furever family. Now it was just the matter of signing the contract, which we did as soon as possible to formally announce we were a family.

happy tail yorkie rescue

The stars have truly aligned – what was the chance that Gord and I would ever find two wonderful Yorkies, who although having their own unique personalities, would be so much like the two Yorkie souls we had lost? What we know for sure from this experience is this;

– Owner surrender is a very brave and noble act – for an owner to suffer personal heartache in order for their animals to thrive is an extremely generous thing

– If you open your saddened heart love and happiness will enter

– The Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary rescue team, as well as the other rescue organizations just like them, are truly heroes in the work that they do

Please, consider adoption for your next furry family member, and if you can’t adopt, try fostering. It can save a life, and that life may be your own.

rescued yorkies happy tail


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