Yorkie Poo: Verena’s Transformation in BCFS’ Foster Care-Adopted

We have wonderful news to share about Verena, our yorkie poo puppy mill mama who spent 8 years in a cage until we rescued her December 31st, 2015. Here is Verena’s transformation:


BCFS is a foster home based rescue and it’s true that fostering saves lives. Fostering also gives rescued puppy mill dogs like Verena the time and dedicated care they need to acclimate to the outside world after years in a cage and learn how to simply be a dog, not a breeder birthing litter after litter for human profit.

Foster Mom Update

We’re grateful to our foster mom volunteer Raye for her superb care and work to help Verena find her spirit, worth and potential – and learn to enjoy life. Raye writes this update:

Verena’s story to my understanding is sad but true she survived being a puppy mill breeder for 8 years. The world must seem overwhelming when your life has been a cage where you sleep, eat, give birth, and have your puppies taken from you.

We have had many challenges teaching Verena the outside world. We found she was afraid of the dark (got her a night light) motion sick in cars (a little Gravol and she’s good) the kitchen floor is not a bathroom (she now heads for the door).


She is still noise sensitive and timid of strangers but that too is improving. I have managed not only to bathe and brush her out but to cut her nails. Today was a major milestone for her, I took her to The Friendly Groomers for her summer cut nails etc. They said she did great, not fond of the blow dryer and timid but had a blast running around with her foster sister Abby and the other pooches.

verenaexpsharpresized2Verena before her summer haircut

She now seeks out cuddles and likes to curl up on the couch with the furbies. We have learned to walk on a leash and she looks forward to daily walks especially if her handsome rottie can come. She still tends to freeze when cars pass too close but we are getting better everyday, I just tell her come on silly:-]

verenabedexpcropresizedFrom a wire puppy mill cage to a big comfy dog bed

Verena is of course crate trained and knows the words “go kennel” where she will wait for you to either close the door or put her leash on for a walk. Being eight years old she likes her quiet time and enjoys the chase of a squirrel or two with her friends. I will attach pictures of her both with long hair and her summer cut so you can see that she’s an attractive lady in great shape looking for a forever home that is willing to give her time to warm up to you. Think Pawsitive Raye

Thank you, Raye, BCFS is pleased to see Verena doing so well in your care!

Verena is seeking her forever family. If that might be you, please download and complete an adoption application and then email it to our Adoptions Coordinator Silvana at:

Thank you! Please share our posts and help our rescued animals find loving homes!


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  1. She looks amazing now! Thank you all for giving her the time she needed. BCFS is the safe haven for so many mill dogs.

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