Yoga and Bracelet Making Nov 2017!

What a fun and successful yoga and bracelet making event and who knew how much the animals would love it?

We did a great deal of cleaning to ensure the barn was ready for people to have yoga mats and sit on the floor. The barn sparkled!

We’re so proud of this safe haven.


And then they came and set up their mats and started their journey through yoga. The unexpected part was how much the animals loved it, not to mention the people!

Our cat Aggie wove between mats giving cuddles and head butts. The horses hung their heads out their windows and absorbed the energy. Splash, the horse, was particular attentive. Elsa the goat, watched every move from the safety of her stall (not for her safety, but the safety of the yogis).


Elsa the goat, couldn’t get enough of the people and energy that flowed through the barn. It was magical!

After a relaxing hour of yoga the group headed upstairs for bracelet making! The entire barn is heated and it was amazingly cozy as the snow fell gently outside.


We had hot cider with homemade cupcakes and cookies as snacks, as well as infused water. All the humans enjoyed the event!

Thank you to Leah for organizing the event, the yoga instructor for rolling with the challenges of having yoga in a barn (Keller the Chihuahua, claimed a yoga mat and there was no moving him!) and the bracelet making ladies who’s knowledge and skill made for an excellent event!

We raised just over $800 that night and 100% goes directly to the animals. Thank you all!!!

This money will go to the vet bill for the 8 puppies we rescued and have found wonderful loving home.


Thank you Diane for leading the ladies in a wonderful yoga experience and Julie for helping the ladies make beautiful bracelets.  Both ladies can be contacted through their websites at:

Diane – http://www.shineonyoga.ca

Julie – http://www.wefeltthat.com

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