With Heartbreaking Sadness: Goodbye Hershel

Never has there been a more plucky, lovely, friendly, curious and happier pig than our Hershel.


He was always well loved, cared for and fed. He welcomed each day with a few oinks, a couple of chews and a bit of squealing. He was a little saucy at times… it was our favourite part.


It’s crushing to know that we’ll never hear Hershel’s happy noises again. My eyes fill with tears knowing I’ll never scratch his favourite spot behind his ears or give him a belly rub.


Hershel has left us to join Autumn, Gus, Misiu, Gizmo and many more over the rainbow bridge. He has left a hole in our hearts and our lives.


He managed to touch so many lives…


… and not always the human kind…


To help mend the pieces of my broken heart I picture Hershel in a soft warm place where he can eat endlessly without gaining an ounce. Where there are no unnecessary head-butts or diets.

hershel fireplace

The water is always clean and fresh, the grass is always the best spring kind, the grains are plentiful as are his friends.


At the end of his day Hershel will crawl under the down comforter upon a soft mattress to sleep curled next to the people who have passed along.


…. some friends are forever…

naji and hershel

Sweet dreams Hershel…. we hope you know how much you will be loved and missed.

10461362_10154344531425316_4133875019489581149_nLove forever and always,

Mama Amy

8 thoughts on “With Heartbreaking Sadness: Goodbye Hershel”

  1. So sorry Hershel is gone. When we first went to meet Delana he greeted us with a tail wag and I was able to pet him. It was the closest I had ever been to a pig.

  2. I remember meeting Hershel in October. He was so gentle with the new dogs we brought you. I am so sorry he is gone. He was such a character!

  3. Noooo! I am glad we got to see him one last time. He was an original. He even showed us his Sit. Sweet boy, will miss him. So sorry Amy.

  4. Amy @Brent We are blessed to have known Herchel.Its one thing l would have never thought I would know or for that fact come to love knowing he was a big part of a wonderful family! Our hearts are with you and Herchel knowing he is probably the only pig being greeted by a multitude of dogs and cats horses rabbits ducks etc. I,m here if you ever need me, Love you always Di (mom)@Les

  5. This news brings sadness to my heart after all Hershel was my first pig ever, I had never touched or even thought of a pig in the way before. He opened my eyes to what they are all about, especially when he trained me to follow him out the the apple tree and shake the branches for the apples, but remember that he is with all the others the he has helped and till will help. So sorry Amy for you loss.

  6. I’ll never forget the first time I met Hershel! I was eating Chinese at your kitchen table at the farm and out of the bathroom, came a little pig!!! I must admit I was a little afraid but, Herschel helped me to trust. Each and every time I saw him, I felt like I was seeing an old friend and I felt like I trusted him more and more. Thank you Hershel, RIP sweet soul You will be missed! Amy and Brent find peace in the knowledge that you offered such great love and comfort to Herschel‚̧

  7. Hi Amy,
    so sorry to read the sad news about Hershel. I always remember meeting this special little guy when I came out to your farm and he made me laugh each time I saw him and I watched him gobble up the little snacks I would bring him.
    the funniest time was when it started pouring rain one day I was there and he squealed and ran into the house. He didn’t like the outside in bad weather that’s for sure….hope he’s with all his friends in a sunny place now running around and having fun.

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