Why the Good are Persecuted

Have you ever noticed how others have this desire to attack the things you hold dear to your heart?

My love of animals has been the most wonderful and joyful thing in my life and it has also brought me the most pain. I felt the pain of losing them far too early in years, but I’ve also felt the cruel words of those who would persecute me for my joy.

I’ve listened to people state that hunting is for the good of the deer or trying to save the world one puppy at a time was a waste of time. People seem to gain some sort of comfort or happiness from attacking those things that others hold passion and are willing to give up time, money and portions of their lives.

Everyone knows I love the animals. All sorts of animals. I’ve fallen deeply and desperately in love with a sassy blond shih poo bombshell, a shy and sweet chocolate mess and a proud bright lhasa cross who has an insane love of balls.

I also spread my love to all the animals that live at the farm. The pigs, goats, ducks and especially my little chicken nugget.

I often wonder if there was some point in my life that I was so disappointed by people that I naturally and instinctively turned towards the closest and kindest soul for comfort and love. That soul happened to belong to a four legged creature named Sam.

You’re thinking Sam is a dog, but in fact she’s a horse. Sam was a mostly thoroughbred mare with just a hint of draft – clydesdale to be exact. She was hardy and powerful, but agile and strong. She taught me how to love with passion, but never took any crap from anyone. She used teeth, hooves, muscles, blood and passion to fight against those who would aim to harm her, but she loved fully those would be kind, caring and gentle.

You don’t always need to find comfort in the arms of a human to find your place and your peace in this world. Sometimes you can find all you need in the eyes of the gentle soul that is curled around you feet, your arms or in the next room.

I don’t know why the good are persecuted. Sometimes I think I get a sniff of understanding and I can hear words like: low self-esteem, uneducated, poor upbringing, ignorance, hateful, mean and controlling.

I don’t understand why someone who feels badly, for whatever reason, would want to attack another heartbeat who feels even worse.

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