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White Gold Puppy, Adoptable Maltipoo Treasure – ADOPTED May 2015

White Gold is a rare and treasured metal, and in the case of Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary, also an adorable adoptable Maltipoo puppy just waiting to be found! This Maltese Poodle cross pup is 5 months old, just 7 pounds, pure white and non-shedding too. He’s a go go go kinda guy – read more about him here!

adoptable maltipoo puppy

Adoptable Maltese Poodle Puppy

Having spent his young puppy life so far with more dogs than people, he really opens up with other dogs, and is very friendly after a proper introduction.  White Gold is quite the cuddler and loves to play too!

maltipoo puppy in car

His foster mom reports … 

You’d swear this curious little guy has thumbs! He’s like a little monkey, climbing and jumping whenever he can to explore and discover his new world. I found out that he is great in a car, very relaxed and just slept (even though it was only a 10 minute drive!)  

maltipoo puppy adoptionWhite Gold has one quarter poodle in his bloodline, which means he has smarts. He also has three quarters Maltese in his heritage, which means he’s all about loving her human companions. Maltese are bred to be cuddly companion dogs. They are extremely lively and playful, and even as a Maltese ages, their energy level and playful demeanor remain fairly constant. 


His foster family reports that he is true to his Maltese heritage – lots of walks for this little fella, to help him settle in an sleep all through the night.

Maltese have no undercoat, and have little to no shedding if cared for properly. Like their relatives, the Poodles and Bichon Frisé, they are considered to be largely hypoallergenic and many people who are allergic to dogs may not be allergic to the Maltese or a Maltese Poodle mix.

adoptable maltipoo puppy white gold

A puppy involves time and dedication to training. BCFS will be prioritizing those applications that have the opportunity to provide reasonable training for WG. If his new furever family has a resident dog or cat, the BCFS team can help make a reasonable plan to introduce the animals. Please note that families with children under 5 years of age may not be an appropriate match for this young toy breed dog.

maltipoo puppy adopt me

He is up to date with vaccines, has received standard puppy deworming, is microchipped and neutered. White Gold is ready to meet you at the end of his treasure map! He is being fostered close to Fort Erie, ON.

Please complete the Adoption Application as your first step in adding this little Maltese Poodle mix puppy to your home; download the Application from our website here and forward the Adoption Application to our Adoptions Coordinator.

adoptable maltese poodle puppies

More Maltese Poodle Puppy Adoptable Dogs

Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary currently has a number of Maltese Maltipoo puppies available for adoption – please feel free to contact us or send in an Adoption Application and we’ll match you with the perfect furry furever companion.


4 thoughts on “White Gold Puppy, Adoptable Maltipoo Treasure – ADOPTED May 2015”

  1. Is BeaverCreek Farm open to the public (and if so, when) so that we could come and see the puppies before we make our decision to adopt?

  2. Aww! This Maltese Poodle just stole my heart! I already have a Shepherd at home but I hope this beautiful and sweet dog finds a nice home. And look at that, it’s really White Gold in color. Love!

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