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How Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary Came to Be


The farm has history dating back to1983 with my mom who recycled other farmers unwanted animals. She didn’t consciously think of it as rescue, it was simply the way she worked. Mom intrinsically took the ones that were abandoned or neglected. She filled her life with unwanted potbellied pigs, chickens, ducks, peacocks, horses and goats. Back in the 80’s it wasn’t called rescue, it was free recycling. I learned these wonderful ideas from my mom and I was immersed in the world of animals.

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When my parents bought property next to Beaver Creek in Stevensville in 1983, it made sense to dub the twenty-three acres Beaver Creek Farm. They had no idea the chain of events that would lead to the creation of a sanctuary and a legacy.


From a young age I learned instinctively how to talk to them. I spoke their language and they spoke mine. I was much better with animals than I was with people who tended to reject a young girl with a facial birth defect. Reaching out to people and being rejected gave me an understanding of what it must be like for a shelter dog behind bars, unwanted and not allowed to love or be loved.

Learning to speak their language.
Learning to speak their language.

This is why I feel a need to help, a need to rescue and a need to give them a chance at a happy home. The dogs in a shelter feel a deep sense of abandonment when all they wish is to be wanted and loved. Regardless of how you treat them they will continue to love and respect you, something we take for granted.

Over NINE THOUSAND companion animals are euthanized every single day because we throw them away, we abandon them, unwanted, unloved and they still lick our hand as the needle slips beneath their skin. People are blind to the damage and destruction of souls, day after day this love is crushed, burned and starved to death. Why do I rescue? To give that love a chance and to educate people. It is not the animals that need saving, its the human race.

When you adopt a dog from a rescue or a shelter you are helping two dogs in a pay it forward system. The one you adopt is free and comes up to date with shots, treated for any medical conditions, a teeth cleaning and spayed/neutered. Your adoption donation goes towards rescuing the next animal. Pay it forward.

Not just rescuing, but enjoy their company and building a relationship


Sadly, because of the Fort Erie bylaws this dream has been crushed. We are currently re-locating and have become a 100% foster home based rescue.

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  1. Bless you ! My Mom is 89 years old and lives in Crystal Beach. My Sister passed away in Buffalo, leaving 3 elderly sibling cats. Mom has one cat and wants to adopt George, Bailey and Zsu-Zsu. Unfortunately she can’t handle 4 cats. I need to find a foster or permanent homes for these beautiful babies. Can you help us ?
    Thank You

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