Welcome Peppa the Pig!!

Peppa was found wandering the mean streets where  a very precarious situation that landed her at the Humane Society.


A volunteer found out about Peppa the pig and asked if we could help. Could we break Peppa out of jail?


After the hold period we were asked if we could take Peppa into the BCFS foster care program. We had a stall open and agreed to welcome this pig to our sanctuary.


Peppa found herself getting lots of attention and cuddles from our volunteer Megan. After a few shy moments Peppa became affectionate.  Megan learned that Peppa loved to be brushed. She settled nicely into her big pig bed with her blanket and a really good nap before diving, nose first of course, into a giant pile of hay.


In a large stall with a dog door (pig door) to a large paddock, Peppa’s tail never stopped wagging. She was happy to explore – even in the snow!


She’s a typical pig in that she gets into everything, flips everything over and will eat anything. Peppa is looking for a loving home on a farm where flipping a bale of hay isn’t frowned upon. She’s quite friendly and very tidy in her stall only going outside to potty.


We do not know how old Peppa is, therefore we don’t know how big she’ll get. She’s approximately 80 lbs right now, but we expect her to get much bigger.


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