Welcome from Mexico: Panchito 1year old medium mix breed-Adopted

We got the request through BCFS volunteer and foster home Ashley after she returned to Niagara from Mexico where she was donating her time helping with a spay / neuter clinic. The dog our Mexico Might Dog Rescuer Jane wants us to take is a sweet little mix named Panchito.


From Jane:

17342561_1497794476911494_2663003335447810602_n(May 2017) This little guy is Panchito. For those who have been following his story, I rescued him from the middle of the road, near death in the small town of Chi Chi Suarez, Yucatan, in early February and he has been recovering at CLINICA VETERINARIA Y ESTETICA CANINA “ALEMAN” since then. He is only about 5 months old and he has been through an awful lot for such a little guy, but he has come a long way (and has grown a lot too).


(November 2017) Panchito, who I rescued back in February 2017. Well today we celebrate as his vet has officially signed him off as “cured”. It turns out that what we thought was an autoimmune skin condition ended up being a very stubborn demodectic mange infestation. It’s taken 10 months, but we got him there! His fur is still growing back in spots, but it’s coming in nicely. My plan is to send him to Canada in the New Year, once his fur has fully grown in. Canadian friends: if you or anyone you know is looking to adopt, please consider this sweet little guy.

Now comes the hard part: We need to find him a home . . .

23434851_1757669844257288_5922758098179265384_nJane had personally rescued and treated Panchito for Demodectic mange, over the course of 10 months starting Feb 2017, which caused him to lose all his hair. Jane has done three skin scrapings over three months all negative for demodectic manage.

They are considered cured after two negative skin scrapes.

Panchito also tested positive for Ehrlichia back in February 2017 when he was first rescued. He was treated and had follow up blood work done a few months later that showed his platelets as normal (he had to be free of Ehrlichia in order for him to be neutered, which was subsequently done).
He’s been on Bravecto since February so it is highly unlikely he’s been reinfected. An IDEXX SNAP in December 2017 show Panchito negative for Ehrlichia, Anaplasmosis,  Leishmania and heart worm.

After all his health issues treated and cured thanks to the devoted support of Jane, Panchito is ready to find his forever home in Canada and he’ll be wheels down at Pearson on Monday, Dec 18, 2017. He’ll be transported by Ashely and go to a new BCFS foster home with foster mom Connie.


He’s growing back hair and  is sporting some pretty awesome polkadots. He’s a rather quiet boy who is a survivor of the harsh streets of Mexico. Due to all his trips to the vet Panchito loves car rides, especially if he can be a front seat dog.  He’s very submissive with other dogs and would do well with another submissive dog.


We will be working on his leash skills and house training while he’s in his foster home. We find these Mexico dogs are incredibly intelligent and pick up quickly on life in Canada.

Welcome Panchito!!!



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