Welcome 2 year old American Eskimo Ashling! – Adopted

When I opened the door to the farm I wasn’t sure what to expect, but standing there calmly was a lovely boy named Ashling. He immediately came up and gave me a cuddle. I was smitten.


Ashling just turned 2 years old, is blind with a cleft lip. The cutest cleft lip ever! Ashling has no special medical needs related to his cleft lip.


Ashlings eyes never developed, so he has little to no vision, but manages to navigate his surroundings with complete and utter ease. He’s been blind since birth, but you’d never know it!┬áHe climbs stairs and has even figured out how to get up on his foster mom’s window seat.


Ashling loves to cuddle, whether on the couch or in bed. He’s always in for binge watching netflicks. He also loves to play and go for walks. He’s a wonderful little fellow.


Ashling is good with children and loves his people. He tends to be growly with dogs he doesn’t know, but learns to love and trust with patience. We aren’t sure how he is with cats, but since he can’t see them we don’t predict a problem.


Ashling is house trained and looking for an incredibly special home that will love him forever. He is a very dapper gentleman.


3 thoughts on “Welcome 2 year old American Eskimo Ashling! – Adopted”

  1. I remembered his previous owner posted A video with him playing with their cat. So a home for him with cats would probably be fine. I remember him as a tiny puppy when he was originally rescued with his sister. They were both adorable little fur balls. Sad that his previous owner died. I know your organization will find him a great home!

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