We Can’t Make Everyone Happy

I suppose this is a pre-emptive strike for a family who was not selected to adopted a popular Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary dog. They are terribly upset and are threatening to spread “the word” about Beaver Creek. I’m guessing this word has four letters.


We can only apologize and explain that rescue dogs come first. This might be the only time in their lives where they matter more than people, more than situations and more than money. For Beaver Creek the animals come first and this often upsets unselected families.

We are sorry for the disappointment, but there are so many rescue dogs that need hope and a home that we pray these families go on to find their rescue forever friend.


We might not be the rescue for you, but not to worry their are many different rescues out there to chose from. Rescues come in a variety of flavours and sometimes people need to find the one that works best.

We’re never going to make everyone happy and we’re never going to save all the dogs, but we’ll do our best to change the world for the ones we can save.


Our hearts are big and so are our shoulders, so if you’ve got bad things to say… we understand its passion and we’ve got it too.

Please adopt.


11 thoughts on “We Can’t Make Everyone Happy”

  1. So very well said. I hope the family finds a new member for their family. I suppose some people do not understand what some animals have been through and how important it is to find them the best forever home for their needs. You are right in saying they need to come first. Much respect and love for all you and your amazing volunteers do.
    I wish all involved the best, and keep up the great job you all do.

  2. You are right…you can’t please everyone. The animals do come first! We were turned down by another sanctuary before we found Delana. We were upset and couldn’t understand why.
    Someone or something knew our dog was still out there…waiting! But you that rescue are the ones that know the animals and their needs and have the experience to find the best homes.I have a great respect for the job you do. It is both a gut wrenching and a heart warming task. Keep up the good work!

  3. Agree animals do come first. We are behind you 100%. That family will find other places to find a member for their family.

  4. Good job. Anyone who would trash talk a Rescue who works so hard to help animals wouldn’t be the best home, emotional maturity and patience is needed.
    Thank you for all you do.

  5. To me…………………this just makes it clear that you DO put our furry friends FIRST!!!!!And people need to understand that they need their FOREVER home and not their 10th forever home!!! Please do not let haters take away your (BCFS) love of helping those who can not help or speak for themselves!! You have the support of those who really do know you put them first!!! Much Love sent your way!!!

  6. Not knowing the situation , I do know your love for your animals is your passion. However, your interactions with human beings on the other hand, could be best improved by investing in some communication skills.

  7. The cause is right and in a world full of deception, you’ve got to ensure the best possible outcomes for the animals. You are in a position of trust and if it doesn’t feel right,, don’t do it. Today’s society is full of I Want It Now people, and if they don’t get it, they pout and sometimes get nasty (which shouldn’t indear them with any rescue) I would suggest passing their names on to other rescues and humane societies as a heads up.

  8. I have been on both sides, that is, screening animal adoption applications; and applying to adopt an animal. And what I find, is that those who genuinely care for the animal, may be disappointed but accept the rejection gracefully. After all who an animal to be placed with them unless they are a near perfect fit?! However, those who are applying for the wrong reason, e.g., captured by the cuteness of a photo, have not done their research on the breed, the decision was knee-jerk rather than carefully considered, etc. tend to be those who are still at a toddler, instant gratification stage of emotional development, and should be ignored.

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