Walter’s Wish Comes True – Adopted!

Do you remember Walter? We think he’s unforgettable. BCFS rescued Walter, a nearly blind and deaf senior shih tzu who was severely neglected, on May 29th this year.

walter intake close up

On intake Walter had eye, ear and skin infections. He spent the summer in BCFS’ care while we helped him regain his health.  By September he was brimming with vitality.

waltercollageintakehealedLate May (l) and September (r): from a hot mess to healthy!

A foster family stepped up in September to help him continue his journey. Walter is one of those very special, exceptional dogs who melts your heart like butter.


His foster family thought so, too, and BCFS is happy to say that they’ve adopted Walter!

walteradoptedcroppedexpsharpWalter damp after a bath in his forever home

fosterhomeFoster graduate: Walter’s foster home became his forever home

Walter was in poor shape when BCFS rescued him on May 29th. He’d survived unimaginable neglect and the Lincoln County Humane Society shaved 4 lbs. of hair and feces off him on intake. Walter trembled in fear at the shelter for two weeks, not being able to see, hear or understand what was happening.

Walter angle

The shelter knew Amy and BCFS were Walter’s hope. And we were. On intake Walter had eye, ear and skin infections. Within a month Walter was improving.


By September he was brimming with good health.


The road to good health has been a long one for Walter. When BCFS took him into our foster care program, we struggled to administer eye drops to save what’s left of his vision, gave him antibiotics for his ear and skin infections, and endured nips from this petrified dog who’d clearly not been treated kindly in life. After a dental to remove 23 rotting abscessed teeth, Walter started to change.


Amy was gradually able to pet him, and one day Walter danced with happiness! There was hope. Walter was healing in body, mind and spirit.

He spent a week in late June being puppy-sat by a BCFS volunteer and also danced at her house. After spending a lot of time with Walter, she wrote,

“Walter didn’t come through his trials unscathed but he seems to have chosen to forgive or forget whomever neglected him and make a fresh start. Walter has a very special quality to him, of vulnerability, of wanting someone he can trust and place his faith in, wondering if anyone loves him, if he’s wanted in the world or not. He has a bit of a wounded heart, but also seems to know he has a great deal of life left to live. He wants a future to look forward to. It doesn’t take long to fall in love with Walter.”

At the end of puppy-sitting, Walter went back to BCFS and continued his healing process in the company of our other rescued dogs.

Walter and Taz

When Walter had recovered well enough to be fostered, in September his new family offered to foster him. Then love bloomed as they realized how special Walter is. They renamed Walter “Ray” and wrote to us,

‘Ray let me touch his head the other night! I got to scratch behind his ears which he loves btw! Lol. So awesome!! I’m over the moon! We were going to wait until after the vet visit today to speak with you, but we want Ray. We love him so much that we just can’t bear the thought of him going to someone else. He is such a special boy, not everyone would “get him”. We “get” him.’

Walter’s follow-up appointment with the vet revealed his left eye has improved, thanks to his daily medicated eyedrops. Afterwards, his foster mom wrote,

“He is now laying in his bed in our room. A great sign. With Ray, you just gotta rip the bandaid off and show him we aren’t going to hurt him or let him down. He will trust us..in time. But that face! Omg! My heart just explodes.”

Walter, now named Ray, has a loving forever home with a mom and dad and their 12-year-old daughter whom Walter adores, a senior shih tzu brother and two kitties for companionship. Walter got his wish: he’s wanted and loved.


BCFS is so happy for Walter/Ray and for his lovely new family who saw his beautiful soul and made him a part of their family. Thank you to his new family from all of us at BCFS, and to everyone who donated to us for Walter’s veterinary care.

If you’re considering adopting, please think about adopting a senior like Walter. Seniors are special dogs who are often easy keepers, and every dog deserves to be loved and cared for until their end of days. Anyone who’s adopted a senior will sing their praises and you’ll be rewarded with the love and devotion of a dog who holds you close in their heart and only wants to be loved in return.








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  1. So happy to read about Walter and his loving family. I too adopted a fearful, totally untrusting puppy mill rescue five years ago and she is still making baby steps of trust so I know the commitment involved. Walter/Ray (of sunshine) is where he so deserved to be with earth angels!

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