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Walter finds a Foster Home

Our sweet old man Walter who came from LCHS, where the shelter shaved over four pounds of hair and feces off him, has recovered reasonably well after many weeks at the sanctuary. He’s recovered enough to find a foster home.

walter looking outside

We can’t believe how far he’s come and how much he manages to understand as a blind, partially deaf dog. He wandered the home of his foster family for hours before he finally settled. He needed to know the lay out and wouldn’t rest until he discovered every nook and cranny.

His foster family still struggles to administer his eye drops, but each day gets marginally easier. Walter is slow to trust.

His transition from day one…

Walter intake

…to late Aug 2016 is amazing.

walter sept 16


We hope one day Walter finds his forever home, but until then we wish his BCFS family would continue to send love and encourage him to trust.

He’s a beautiful boy with a wonderful soul.

walter sleeping


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