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Walter, an abandoned senior shih tzu mix-Adopted

He was trembling and cold in the corner of the kennel when I went to pick him up. He’d been there two weeks and the saving grace was his blindness and his lack of hearing to the frantic cries of the dogs in the kennels beside him.

walter intake close up

We were told they removed four pounds of hair and filth from his body. Our x-rays showed junk in his lungs that we hoped would clear. He could barely walk from his nails that twisted over and around each other.

He stumbled out of the kennel on a short leash and was encouraged to move towards our crate where he would enter rescue. He nipped at the slightest touch.

He moved constantly for the first few days and fought every attempt to medicate his eyes and his ears. We persisted and with the help of a blanket we managed to get the drops into his eyes.

Walter angle

He was given antibiotics for the multitude of infections his body carried and every day was a struggle to touch him without the risk of an all out war. Walter did not trust us – yet.

Walter’s first reaction to anything is to bite, but with horrible teeth he never broke the skin.  It wasn’t until after Walter’s dental surgery that removed 23 rotting abscessed teeth that he started to change.

Walter intake

He let me scratch his bum with my foot and then my hand.

I worked my way up his back to the side of his head, but his tolerance ended there. No touching those eyes. Ears were fine, but those eyes were still too sore. What to do about those eyes?

Walter barks to go out and has never had an accident in the house. He quickly learned that he gets a treat after coming in from a potty break and that’s when he danced.


Yes. Danced and barked and was joyful. I got misty when I saw him get excited about life for the first time. He’d been with us for just over ten days when he danced and I knew there was hope.


He rests peacefully in front of the fireplace on a bed far too big for him, but he sleeps deeply with his silly tongue flopped outside of his mouth giving a constant flip off to the world.

walter sleeping

Walter still needs more work on his eyes, but he has a great love of life that has kept him alive much longer than the average dog.

Walter is exceptional. We’d love to see Walter go to a forever home, but would certainly enjoy seeing him in a foster home with lots of one on one care.

He does well with cats and other dogs. Kids move too quickly and would be at risk of a quick nip (with only ten teeth left we’re more worried about the stress than injury), so no kids.

A quiet home with a loving family who enjoys slow walks and napping by the fire. Walter is an easy keeper.

Is your heart big enough for a senior? Walter is very special and needs a special place to call home.


2 thoughts on “Walter, an abandoned senior shih tzu mix-Adopted”

  1. Oh my Amy! I felt so sick to my stomach as I started to read Walters story. It reminded me of our Muffin so much except that Walter is a lot older. So sad that this happens but so happy he is being loved and taken care of. Thank you so much Beaver Creek for all you do!! Good luck and lots of love to you Walter!

    Kim, Robert and Muffin

  2. with much thought and the story of Walter brought tears……my husband Sam, has the same problems as Walter, eye and ear,.. drops , and hope that all this will go away… sorry we would not be able to do this special care for a special furry friend….my heart and mind is trying to recover , that humans would do this to a defenseless , animal, who is so ready to give unconditional love ……praying that Walter finds a forever home with humans that are , more like his breed … to care for him , with loving , kindness, unconditionally……..

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