Walls go Up! Little g Ranch

.. And so we build… 

framing first wall

 Walls and walls and walls and walls. 

framing walls down

All four walls at the end of a long week rest on the ground waiting to be stood in place. Our Q-Hut waiting for a new end walls stands sentry over the rows of two by fours.

framing onground done qhut

And in a single afternoon — we have walls!!

framing two walls up

Four walls actually!

framing four walls up with people

framing walls up all four

August 19, 2015: it’s more than a dream. We’re watching the next generation of BCFS and Little g Ranch come to life.

hero shot

Also framing the Q-Hut end walls is a support building to the new barn. This will hold our hay, tractors and a work space (and a small indoor dog park if I can convince Brent).

qhut framing

qhut frame through barn fram

When will the trusses come???

Aug 26th, 2015

Trusses are here! The trusses are here!



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