Update! Ruger Loves His New Family!

We love when adoptive families send us updates on BCFS rescue dogs. On Monday we shared the good news that Ruger found his forever family with new mama Allison, her daughter Shannon and their dog Mabel. Shannon sends new photos of Ruger and Mabel with this happy update:

“Ruger is doing very well, he is settling in really nicely and adjusting to his new home quickly. Mabel and him have become the best of friends, they are completely obsessed with each other and it is very rare to see the two of them apart.


He is still slightly nervous with people but we can already see the improvements he is making, his tail is up almost all of the time now, even when there are strangers around. He lets us pet him and even hops up on the bed for snuggles, he becomes more and more affectionate every day.


He gets in and out of the car without hesitation and we are working with him on basic commands like sit and stay. Ruger loves his walks and playing ball in the park, although he is still a little nervous when playing ball with Mabel, she is a lot bigger than him and very bouncy so who can blame him? 😉


I have been trying to get a good picture of the two of them but it is quite difficult to get them to both stay still long enough to get a picture that isn’t blurry, they are quite the rambunctious pair.


rugerupdate11-21sixcolorfixcropsharpRuger and Mabel finally all tuckered out

The little guy is doing great and he improves every day thanks to all the incredible work the foster family and rescue group did with him, we can’t thank you enough!”

BCFS can’t thank you and your mom enough, Shannon! We’re so happy to see Ruger happily adjusting to his new family and home, and that he has a BFF in Mabel now!


Please always adopt, don’t shop, when you bring a new companion animal into your family. There are so many in need of good homes. Ruger’s brother Bergen is still in our foster care waiting for his forever family, could that be you?

BCFS… saving the world one animal at a time…

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