Update on Wink

Wink, a darling 3-year-old Persian, came to Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) in August 2017 having suffered severe neglect. After having surgery on her ruptured eye, Wink was quickly scooped up and welcomed home by a wonderful family.

According to her adoptive mama, Wink is doing very well in her new home:

“Wink is doing great!! She still isn’t sure about stairs so has been living upstairs and just loving it. Her favourite toy is a crinkly ball and she loves sleeping on either a shelf or a roots shopping bag with my reindeer slippers haha. Wink is also obsessed with chasing the vacuum around and sneaking up behind her cat sisters. She’s a character! Her favourite is getting petted on her forehead and massaging her shoulders. 


Wink is a piggy and is pretty close to 6lbs now if she isn’t there already! We just love her. She is the happiest little cat!!


We are so happy to hear that Wink is doing so well and living the life she deserves. Thank you to Ellen, Alexander, and the rest of the fur family for providing such a great home for Wink!

2 thoughts on “Update on Wink”

  1. I see where you are coming from with the statement( “that Wink won the lottery”) but really this is the life that Wink and all the other beautiful souls that have been adopted should have been given from the start of their lives! So glad things a going well with Wink!

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