Tralee, our puppy mill survivor, was adopted early March 2018.

It was quite evident that Amanda and Tralee had a love connection at their very first meet.  Her present dog Peanut was curious about Tralee and vice versus.


We received an update the evening of the adoption from Amanda:

He does this Koala thing.  He wraps his arms and legs around me tight.  He is very strong.”

doubleHe’s already had a pee & poop outside and we had a great first night.  Everyone slept through the night.”


The very next day Amanda was able to get Tralee to walk on a leash around the block.  For a puppy mill dog, who was not leash trained, this is amazing in such a short time.  Amanda said  “Peanut is a good teacher”.

The video below is short but powerful:


Puppy mill survivors learn much quicker in a home with another dog(s) as they learn behaviour from the dog(s).


One week post-adoption we received this update from Amanda:

“Tralee is adjusting to his new home.  He is showing great signs of progress.  We are still working to overcome some of the trauma that he has endured but he is building trust with his new family.  He even wags his tail now!  Tralee is wearing a leash/harness and is now able to go for walks.  He takes treats (which he didn’t do initially).  He even does a little dance when he sees the bag!  He has also found his voice and will bark when someone approaches the house.  He sleeps well through the night but we are still working on potty training during the day and remains a work in progress.  He is a sweet and cuddly boy who loves belly rubs, and scratchies under his chin and ears.  His older fur brother Peanut (11) has been so patient and understanding towards Tralee.”  


BCFS would like to express our sincere gratitude once again to Amanda, David and Peanut for giving this adorable little boy a new lease on life.






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