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Update on PeeWee, Dozer, & Milo

Within what felt like the blink of an eye, we welcomed and then found homes for PeeWee, Dozer, and Milo.

Pug:Pom Mixes

These pug/pom brothers were not with BCFS long before finding their fur-ever homes. Each of these sweet boys hit the jackpot and were welcomed into caring and fun-loving homes.

PicMonkey Collage

We are fortunate to have received updates from each of the adoptive families. Included below are pictures and a quick write-up about how these charming lads are making out in their new homes.

From PeeWee’s adoptive family:
“PeeWee has been renamed Pepper and he has just started to really play with the kids today.  Barking and running…it’s great.  House training is a little difficult but I’m sure in time he will be fine.  We love the little guy.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to be his family.”


From Dozer’s adoptive family:
“Everything is going well. He has adjusted very well so far and is definitely a much different dog than when he first arrived. He has a lot of new dog friends around the neighborhood already as well as new human friends.”


From Milo’s adoptive family:
“Milo has been a fantastic addition to our family.   He has already bonded with our daughter and never leaves her side.  Milo and Marmite (our other dog) get along fantastically and enjoy spending time together  in the yard or on the sofas when they think we aren’t looking.  Lily the cat is still deciding how she feels about having another animal in the house but is frequently found lying close by the other dogs.  We are thrilled we adopted Milo and appreciate all the work that went into finding him a good home!”


We are delighted that PeeWee, Dozer, and Milo are thriving in their new homes. Thank you once again to the adoptive families for welcoming these boys into your homes and hearts!

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