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Update on Mia – “We Could Not Love Her More”

For long time followers of the work of Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS), you may recall our involvement in the rescue of six dogs from Beruit, Lebanon back in 2014. The dog who started it all, Mia, came to BCFS blind in one eye and with a leg that had been chopped off. Mia experienced extensive abuse while living on the street, because she was considered a ‘nuisance.’

Once in the care of BCFS, it didn’t take too long before Mia was adopted by her fur-ever family, where she truly hit the jackpot. We are delighted to have recently received an update regarding Mia.

In the word’s of Mia’s adoptive mama…

“Mia is my heart and soul. When I look at Mia, I see her glowing aura of joy and light.  She is resilient beyond measure and she shows me every day what it means to live in the moment and to exude pure delight at the simplest things – a reliable meal, a warm home and comfy bed, a kind touch, a bottomless well of love. Every being should have these things.

sunrise at the beach
Those who meet Mia for the first time are sometimes taken aback by her appearance – the evidence of her past – and they may think for a moment that she is broken… Then she greets them with a huge snaggletooth smile, frantic wags of the stumpy tail and an abundance of glee.  At that point I imagine that they begin to see that glow of joy and light that I see always.  For some people, she will bestow a kiss – she is selective with her kisses and we know that those she chooses to kiss are truly special.  

Treats at the beach
We start and end almost every day with cuddles in bed – Willie and Mia know this this is part of their routine now and the day doesn’t seem quite right if our schedules mean that we have to miss a day.  When cuddling in bed, she will build a little ‘nest’ out of blankets and pillows and will get all tucked in.  Although Mia loves cuddle time and she will start out the night on sleeping our bed – invariably she will jump down to her own bed.  She loves her own bed – I think she loves that she has a spot all her own. Willie doesn’t go on her bed – it’s all hers.  In the morning, when we wake up and bring our cups of coffee back into bed – she will have jumped back up and be waiting for the morning cuddles to start.

Mia and Willie at Bedtime
Mia and Willie have an amazing bond and they are never too far apart from each other. Willie tends to be her protector and will often sit right next to her and she will follow him.  She loves the attention from him.  While he may be more agile, she can easily out pace him in playful energy. She will chase him, nipping at his legs and try to trip him up.  She loves to tumble around and I think quite purposely does little summersaults, just for the joy of it.  Sounds crazy, right.  We are lucky living on the golf course and surrounded by trails, we are blessed with wide open spaces for the Willie and Mia to run and play.  She has become so strong and has built up amazing stamina.  When she is tired, she simply plops herself down for a little break, and pops back up to run some more when she is ready.  She loves the water and is keen splash her way down a creek and then lay down in the middle of it for fun.  In the winter we dig out a little path system all around our backyard – she will get Willie to chase her around the snow path then hide behind snow banks and pop out at him.   Similarly in the summer, she will hide in the cedar trees and pop out to chase him.  When she first started doing this I couldn’t stop crying/laughing – it is just such a perfect example of her playful and mischievous personality.

Helping Mom plant a tree
When I travel for work I take them to Family Pet Services – still the only doggie camp we know of that is cage free, run by Mary and Cam (Mary was one of our references during Mia’s adoption process).  Mia has fit right in with the pack and loves being in the middle of the action.  Mia holds a special place in Mary’s heart and she just adores Cam.

Willie Mia Day Care_sharing bed
I’m not certain how to wrap-up this message other than to thank you for bringing Mia into our lives.  We could not love her more.”

It sounds like Mia is truly living the good life – a life that she certainly deserves!

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