Update on Mayo – Adopted

Mayo, an 8-year-old Labrador Retriever, joined the BCFS foster program in June 2017.  This 100 pound bundle of love is still searching for his forever family – could it be you?


To help you answer this question, Mayo asked us to pass along a few quick facts about himself:

#5: True to my breed, I love to frolic in the water and play fetch – sticks, frisbees, balls, I will chase ’em all!

#4: I love to hop up on my human’s bed in the morning for a quick snuggle. While we are on the subject, I really love humans (but also don’t mind a little me-time).

#3: I love to eat and especially love what the humans refer to as ‘treats’ (all food seems like a treat, but apparently these small bone shaped ones are particularly special).

#2: Not to be too picky or anything, but may I request a home without cats or small dogs? Don’t get me wrong, I do like other furry friends, I am just a bit particular. I currently share a home with other labs like me and love to wrestle and cuddle with them.

#1: I love shoes! Being a gentleman, I don’t chew them or anything, I just like to collect them and store them in my bed along with my leash. I am being considerate you see – when my human is ready to take me on a walk I am ready with all the items she will need!


If you think Mayo could be the pooch for you, please send an adoption application to our Adoptions Coordinator, Silvana Cronier (


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