Update on Lacey


Lacey a Sweet 9 year old Shih Tzu was adopted in January of this year by a lovely couple, Ross & Marie.   I was lucky enough to visit Lacey in her new home to take pictures and do an update on her progress.


Although Lacey loves both Ross & Marie, she really has become very attached to Ross and follows him everywhere.  She is his shadow.


She loves to play with her squeaky toys but instead of making them squeak with her mouth, she prefers to roll on them until they squeak.


She is a good sleeper, loves her walks and loves to go for car rides.  If Marie does not wake up when Lacey is up she likes to put her paws up at the side of the bed and peak up at her.


Her favourite spot is under the coffee table.


All of us at BCFS are very happy that Lacey has adjusted extremely well to her new home.



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