Update on Jesse & Jenner

Jesse and Jenner, a pair of bonded hound mixes, were welcomed into the BCFS foster care program in January 2017. These brothers were transferred to us from a shelter after being found as strays, likely having been a puppy mill dump. The shelter felt they were in need of further rehabilitation and thus contacted us in hopes that we could provide them with specialized care.

When these boys first joined us they were terrified. They cuddled together for comfort and didn’t want to come out of their crate. The world was a very frightening place for these two, so we knew they would need a special foster home that would provide a safe space for them to gradually come out of their shells.


We are happy to say that Jesse and Jenner are flourishing in foster care. Having spent considerable time with these special boys, we asked Jesse and Jenner’s foster mom for additional insight as to how they are doing and the type of home they would be best suited for.


Their foster mama told us they remain very frightened of the world and leery of people. They likely missed key socialization as young pups and thus need time and patience to warm up to their caregivers. That being said, they have learned to take treats, to cuddle, and to make doggie friends.


Neither Jesse nor Jenner have shown any aggression towards humans or other animals. They love to go for walks, but tend to pull on the leash (there is just so much they want to explore and they want to get to it as quickly as possible). House-training is ongoing, as they are still learning to ask to go outside to do their business.


Jesse and Jenner need a stable home with someone who will patiently guide them in becoming more comfortable with the world around them. They would benefit from the guidance of an experienced dog person who can continue to show these two the ropes.

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