Update on Cole

Yesterday afternoon we had the pleasure of visiting with Cole in his new foster home.


Between his enthusiastic tail wags, rolling around on his back waiting for belly rubs, and chasing after his ball, it was clear to see that Cole is thriving in his new foster home. Although Cole is nearly 13 years old, he still has “vim and vinegar” left in him (as his foster mom lovingly puts it).

In between these bouts of excitement, Cole loves to curl up in his crate.


Having spent three weeks in this foster home, we asked Cole’s foster mom to provide some insight as to what would be an ideal fur-ever home for this delightful senior pup. Based on her suggestions and what has been noted by others involved in Cole’s care, the perfect home for Cole would be one where:

  • There are no other dogs (Cole wants to be the king of his castle)
  • Someone is home most of the time (Cole loves his people and prefers them to be nearby)
  • He can be taken for short walks (Cole does not require a lot of exercise, but still likes to explore and check out the neighborhood)


Perhaps you work from home or are recently retired and looking for a sweet companion to share your time with. If you think you might be the right person to adopt Cole, please consider filling out an adoption application and e-mailing it to our adoptions coordinator (Silvana Cronier, scronier@rogers.com).

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