Update on Blue the Bunny!

From the forever family:

So much has happened since we picked up Blue from your sanctuary..

He is settling in nicely, although I am not rushing bonding with Eric. We have a routine of swapping their living areas every evening. These areas are right beside each other and they are at liberty but separated.

Blue and Erik Video Click link

For the first week I had to wash their fluffy mats every day and dry them on the rads as they were having “I insult you with pee” wars…ha! But now they have left off that, use them to sleep on, and have always used the litters consistently for pee and are forced to use each other’s because of the daily swap. Now it’s just “poo” wars. They are contributing very nicely to my compost pile…very easy to clean (corner litters with just wire) and I put a little water in the bottom. We found a gigantic corner litter from Walmart for when he is bigger. We stopped off at Minor Brothers on the way home to get the same feed.


Blue has learned his harness and extendable lead (both the backyard and further away, the back and front steps), and the main floor of the house. I thought of a way of having them both in the backyard at once during pre-playdates: the beautiful metal coop is clean and empty. So I let Eric be free in the yard before and after by himself, but then he stayed in the coop while Blue had his turn free in the yard. Blue was running, hopping, exploring and did a binky near to Eric 😄

He’s quite the charmer and early on when we went out to eat, we came back and Blue came running to us and skidded on his bum which made us laugh 😂

On “walks” I had people stop and he allowed them to pet him which made everyone happy. He’ll have to get used to being famous. Eric is in training, too. Blue didn’t want us to touch him much, he lets us pet his nose and head area, sometimes his back. And he just started to come when called (in the house). Just the one day he was outside for a couple of hours with Eric in the coop because it was nice. Soon will be cold. Everyone is falling in love 😙

Blue’s is not as strong as he will be after slow conditioning…his walks are very short. He flattens himself for cars that go by (when he was out the front, not a busy road), but not always, and the school bell across the road startled him. That was last Sunday, and he was comforted and calm before I took him back in (hopped up the cement steps). He has lots of confidence, as you noticed 😉 so should be fine.

He let us clip his nails (both were done the day before the argument), and wash his pee paws twice with a very nice natural fur whitening shampoo. Lookin’ good!

The day we got him we bought the same kind of treat balls as were donated recently to the sanctuary…one for each and they both enjoy them :)


He likes to flop himself down on the hardwood behind the couch and the bay window with the silk curtains, which he doesn’t touch…good boy!

We give him hay and branches, too.

Rick had already made various “bunny” gates so that they don’t get into trouble.

Just today Mama Earth Organics offered to send along free leaves and such weekly for the bunnies! They were pleased I sent a picture of him helping me with the local farmers bin we get delivered😊

So, he’s currently resting around listening to mellow jazz..he’s a funny bunny that nudges us and hopped up on the chair in the living room after Rick and I were duscussing whether he should be permitted..haha ☺


Quite often he and Eric mirror each other even though in adjacent rooms, so we’re hopeful!

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