Update on Allura, Now Jenny

Back in September 2016, Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) welcomed two Jack Russel / Shih Tzu mix puppy mill survivors from the Furever Friends Rescue of Western New York. Allura and Delena, a mother-daughter duo, came to us shy and fearful after having spent the majority of their lives in confinement.

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After having some time to learn what it means to be a dog in the care of BCFS, Both Allura and Delena found loving and patient forever homes. We are fortunate to have received a recent update from Allura’s forever family:

“My boyfriend (Grant), our dog Murphy, and I adopted Allura (Jenny) one year ago this week! We wanted to send you all an update on her adoption anniversary and let you know how well little Miss Molly is doing.


She is such a different dog now. When we first adopted her she was quite shy and nervous. Now she’s a happy go lucky girl and she has blossomed into an amazing little dog. Her confidence has also come a long way. For the first while she didn’t accept belly rubs from us, but now it’s one of her favourite things! She is so loving and she’s such a happy girl. Her tail is always wagging and her and Murphy are the best of friends. I could watch them play all day, it’s pretty funny when they get going. They are an absolute match made in heaven. We always get compliments on the pups while we are out, especially if it’s chilly and they are wearing their cute sweaters. Molly is a huge hit especially with the seniors we meet on our outings.


In the year we’ve had Molly she has come a really looooooong way. She walks really well on leash, she knows some commands and she has even been to the grooming salon for a haircut and bath with all the bells and whistles and even got a fancy bandana! Molly also LOVES to snuggle. She also really enjoys playing and loves dog toys (especially ones that squeak). She has such a great personality and watching her get excited is pretty funny. For example; when we leash the dogs to go out, she will jump around and make noises that sound like a monkey because she’s so excited and she will pick up Murphy’s leash and pull him around. It’s also funny to see her carry around the bigger dog toys that are as big as she is.


We took her and Murph to PetSmart yesterday evening to celebrate her adoption anniversary so she could pick out a toy and treat. She came home with a squeaky pig and a smoked rib bone.


Thank you for giving Molly a second chance by rescuing her and providing her with a great start to her new life. We are forever grateful to have been chosen to provide her with her furever home!”


Thank you to Jenny’s family for the wonderful update and providing this sweet girl with such a lovely home!

5 thoughts on “Update on Allura, Now Jenny”

  1. Awwwwwwww! We love the post about our update :) We like that we can share the link with our family and friends, so they can see how she’s doing :)

    (Oh and my apologies, I meant to mention we changed her name to Molly. Jenny was the name given by her foster mama).

    Thank you for all that everyone does at Beaver Creek. Because of everyone involved these beautiful babies have a second chance at their happily ever after <3

  2. There were so many people willing to go the extra mile for these dogs. I am so happy for Molly (Allura). From Racheal in Ohio who worked with their owner to agree to release the dogs; to our group, Furever Friends, who rangled these dogs from a very bad situation, to the SPCA Serving Erie County, who assessed and met their medical and behavioral needs; to Beaver Creek, who agreed to give them the time they needed to become fully “dog” again; and finally to their forever family, who nurtured her and gave her love until she could trust again.

  3. I can’t THANK YOU ENOUGH!
    They were so fearful at first. They sure loved their treats! That’s about the only way I could earn their trust. Not much of being handled or even know what LOVE really was! I’m so glad and THANKFUL for the girls in New York! They have wonderful rescue connections. And I’m so very THANKFUL for every single person in their journey!
    There are good, kind, and caring people out there yet!

  4. I am so happy for all of you! Molly certainly has the life she deserves!! Thank you for loving her and giving her a second chance.

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