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A Thoughtful Update – Little g Ranch

Building is an incredible endeavour! 

We lose sleep over weather, manufacturers, transport times, contractor schedules and funding.


We eat, drink, sloth our way through this adventure enjoying the highs and enduring the lows.

red siding east side

Little g Ranch has become its own entity with its own heartbeat and its own agenda. It has risen and became real, based on our dreams, hopes, goals and aspirations.

muddy boots

With desire we started and with sheer will we finish and create Little g Ranch – the home of Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary.

We build… We Dream… 

Our dream. How often do dreams come alive? How often do dreams become goals? Do you know why it doesn’t happen often?

 It’s a heck of a lot of work!

red siding

We’re tired. We’re a little snippy. We’re working our buns off to make this dream come true, while working full time, caring for farm animals and continuing to rescue dogs like Sundae, Zig and Lendra.


We’re doing it with the help of friends, family and volunteers.

a a at little g

We build as penance for not protecting those we vowed to keep safe and for the ones we can’t save. Love grows each time we place an animal in a new forever home. It’s no longer how we live – it is our life and we love it!


From Amy’s Desk

Yes, the farm is my childhood home. Yes, it is painful to leave this house. Yes, I’ve seen this house heal or bring peace to many souls.

The farm is a series of structures, fencing, roads and pastures. We can’t take them with us, but the love found at the farm will be packaged carefully and transported to the ranch.

2015 calendar beaver creek farm sanctuary

We’re taking a big leap of faith and hope beyond hope that this is the right decision for you, for us and for the animals.

While the gears of rescue click and roll,  the creation of the future home of Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary at Little g Ranch is the constant background noise of wheels on a gravel road.

Thank you for tagging along our journey.

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2 thoughts on “A Thoughtful Update – Little g Ranch”

  1. Your new facilities look wonderful. Exactly where in Wainfleet are you located and when can one come out to see the new facilities and what is your official opening date. Looking forward to seeing your new place.

    1. Thank you so much! We’re working hard to make our new location a success. We look forward to a grand opening Spring 2016. Hope to see you then!

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