turtle and new girl

Turtle Adopted

From Amy’s Desk

When I was fourteen I begged my parents for a horse, and not just any horse – I begged them for a draft cross named Lady Samantha. Some how, some way my mom worked some incredible mom magic that made Lady Samantha mine.

I don’t have a teenage memory that doesn’t revolve around Sam. There isn’t a backwards thought where she’s not  front and centre. I showed, I rode, I loved and cared for her until her untimely death in 1997.

I feel all these memories rolling over me as Turtle is adopted by a family with a fourteen year old girl.

She has the look. The look of love and smitten.

turtleand girl

I know because I too have had that same look when Turtle came to us.

turtle dayone outside

We had some great adventure together that I will always cherish! Our time at the beach…

turtle beach

We ventured into the land of showing for a bit and we both delighted at putting on airs. He was flashy and got his share of attention.

turtle show

He had a wonderful bond with Splash our blind pony.

turtle splash

But, mostly we just loved him and got him to be the best horse he could be… and now it is time for him to move onward with a special partner and friend.

We look forward to the updates and the pictures as Turtle turns a new chapter in his life, loved and cherished by his forever family.

Thank you and promise to love him always…


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