Turtle – a Beautiful Thoroughbred Up for Adoption!

Turtle came to BCFS three years ago. He was underweight and his confidence was very poor. He’d spent the first part of his life as a racehorse. Click on the link below to view his race history: Turtle Back Ridge Pedigree  Once retired he was bounced around from stable to stable looking for a job. He was used for one race season as a pony (to take racehorses to the gate) because he was unbelievably calm. Turtle found his way to BCFS and we started working with him in hopes of finding a forever home. Naturally, we fell in love with him. resized1wishmye He’s funny and clever. He’s sweet and spicy. He’s mostly angel with a little devil. He’s a wonderful, big, dark bay gelding without a single marking. He’s beautiful on the inside and outside. We’ve started turtle jumping over fences and he’s very willing. He’s flexible and fast on the corner. He’d do well as a hunter, jumper or dressage prospect. He’s been to a few horse shows and even won a few classes. resized1agirlandherhorse He’s a fun, safe trail riding horse. He’s road safe and when spooked he stands and stares at whatever got him frightened. He thinks he’s hilarious when he playfully nips at you while grooming. He’s been ridden on hacks alone without any issue. He loves to roll on the beach and play in the water. He does need an experienced rider for those “silly thoroughbred moments“. resize1kellyrockingit He hates bugs has an allergic reaction if stung. All summer he’s covered in a fly sheet and mask to go outside, but he’d prefer to sit in his stall in front of the fan. He keeps his weight well with unlimited hay and a bit of grain. He’s really filled out in the last year and is a big boned beautiful boy. He needs front shoes to walk on the road, but has spent the entire year barefoot in the paddock. We’ve used cavello sport boots on him to ride on hacks and he does quite well with the boots. resized3hapturtle He lives with two mares and three mini horses and loves everyone. He’s low on the pecking order and has tendency to get beat up which affects his confidence, so his pasture mate must be sweet. turtleandsplash He fell in love with our blind pony Splash and if she’s calls in distress because she’s lost in the field he immediately goes to find her. nellysplashautumn-1024x565 Why after three years are we putting Turtle up for adoption? There are three big reasons: 1. Its our missing to make the animals as healthy as possible before finding a forever home. Turtle is ready. His confidence is up, he’s flashy and willing to work. 2. Turtle’s primary care giver and rider has sustained a life changing back injury and is no longer able to work with Turtle. This horse is in his prime and deserves attention. He is ready for greatness. 3. We will have space to bring in another horse that needs rescue or sanctuary. resizedturtle BWSC 2014 If you’re interested in adopting Turtle please fill out and submit an adoption application. His adoption fee will be discussed.

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