Tucker Meets his Match and Finds a Home

Tucker came from the the SPCA serving Erie County and after a brief adoption period with a family they returned him to the SPCA with the following note:

Tucker is very destructive with severe separation anxiety. He has eaten our couch and urinated all over the couch and our house.

The SPCA serving Erie County asked us to take Tucker and see if we could turn him into a more balanced and confident dog. Given Tucker’s high energy and excitability we could see Tucker getting this note, but we recognized it wasn’t Tucker’s fault. He was just misunderstood.


On day one Tucker was a handful, but he was also a lover, not a fighter. He would curl up for cuddles and crawl into your lap for love. He showered you with affection, but he would then race around the yard barking like a maniac.

Tucker needed to develop some confidence and he needed to learn how to self soothe when alone. Meaning: he needed to learn to comfort himself.

At the same time Tucker came into BCFS, so did Sawyer – a dog with guarding and anxiety. It was great timing! We put the two dogs together and it was an instant friendship!


When Tucker would get anxious Sawyer would jump on him and when Sawyer would get anxious Tucker would be there to distract.

It was wonderful to watch the transformation. Yes, there were times of barking, playing, anxiety and stress, but in the end both dogs ended up with confidence and peace.


Tucker was ready, but we knew he’d need to go to a home with another big dog who shared his love of playing. And we found the right family with the right dog: Lexi.


His new forever family was willing to work with Tucker and were dedicated to his daily energy needs. It was clear Tucker had developed confidence when he met Lexi and showed her to play respectfully. Lexi had shown some dog aggression in the past, but with Tucker’s help she learned to play and relax. See video:

Tucker and his new best friend. 

Tucker now spends his days relaxing with his family and playing with his canine companion. Rather than eating the couch, he’s discovered its much nicer to nap on it.






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