Trixie’s Dog Park Fun and Foster Mom Update – Adopted April, 2016

Trixie came into BCFS’ Foster Care Program on a snowy day in January, fearful of people but eager to meet and befriend new dogs. She’s a beagle cross who had been abandoned in a crate for three days without food or water.


It’s heartwarming to see how BCFS’ foster parents like Tammy and her husband Chris socialize and heal the spirits of dogs like Trixie. Sometimes rescued dogs heal and socialize quickly, and sometimes fearful dogs like Trixie need time in a dog-savvy home environment to flourish.

Trixie is beginning to flourish

Foster mom Tammy has sent two updates this week to us, along with photos and this fun, sweet video of Trixie’s playtime at the dog park, romping with her dog friends:

Video of Trixie at the dog park in her pink sweater

As you can see, Trixie is a high-energy girl, perfect for an active family who likes lots of walks and playtime outdoors.

We’ve taken some stills from Tammy’s video – what fun Trixie has!


And more fun!



In her first update, Tammy wrote,

Our walks and trips to the dog park are her favorite times of the day. She will jump and bounce all the way to the front door like Tigger when she hears her leash. I can not tell you how much her smile warms my heart!!

This weekend was very exciting for Trixie. I had guests over, I told them all to ignore her, and to not make eye contact with her. Within 15 minutes Trixie was taking cookies and licking fingers. She is doing better..

We went to the dog park again this weekend, Trixie had a BLAST playing with all the dogs and running in the MUD.. Once we got home she went right into the tub. She is calm and quiet for her bath, she lets me touch her all over and is not afraid of the water on her face.

She’s in LOVE with Chris now, he can do anything to her too, picks her up, pats her all over without any fear.

A BIG step forward for Trixie, who was terrified of men when she was rescued! Then Tammy wrote,

I’m not sure when this happened but I have noticed Trixie has taken to napping on the couch and recliner rather than in her crate during the day. I think this shows how comfortable and relaxed she is. Yeah!!!


Trixie likes other dogs and would do well in a home with a dog friend to learn from.


She has also learned to match our activity level, if I am watching TV she will sit and relax but she is always ready to play fetch or play with her toys at a moment’s notice.

We are still working on her fear of people by taking her to Global Pet Foods, doggie school and by having dog wise friends over.

Trixie in a downfeb2016cropsharpTrixie at Global Pet Foods

It takes Trixie about 15 minutes to relax. I tell people to NOT make eye contact and to let Trixie come to them. So far so good. Treats help too!!!

She still needs work on her fear of people or she may be the kind of dog that will always be frightened of the world and if that is the case she will need the right owner.

Would that be you? Are you a dog-savvy person with the heart and patience to help Trixie have the happy life she deserves?

If so, please fill out an adoption application and email it to our Adoptions Coordinator Silvana at

You can also read Trixie’s previous foster mom update here to see how far Trixie has come since her rescue. We’re so proud and thankful for the caring, patient work our volunteer foster families do.

BCFS… saving the world one animal at a time.

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