Trip to the Vet

I’ve been a little afraid to write since the whole page about Gizmo. I’ve been afraid to come visit this website and I forgot for a few days that I did write, but I can never forget for long. I start to miss writing. I start to miss the cathartic feel of the keyboard beneath my fingers.

I took Jackson to the vet for the first time today. He was so sweet and sadly so afraid. The good news is that he’s heartworm negative and we’re waiting on his titers for the vaccines. I don’t know that he’s had the necessary boosters and I don’t want to over vaccinate, so I decided to spend the $80 to see what he needs. He has his rabies and that’s all that’s needed to cross the US/Canada border.

I advocate vaccinating your pets, but the problem with the little ones is they don’t take over vaccinating very well. Their small systems can’t handle all the drugs, especially their liver. Super Taz has Hepatic Microvascular Dysplasia and we’re very careful what medications get into her system. She has nearly died a few times when we didn’t know what was wrong post surgery or while on any pain relief.

Just like people we need to be advocates for our pets. We need to do the research and not count on anyone else to know more. Nobody knows your dog like you know your dog.

I can tell the difference between a harmless sneeze and a bad cough. I know when Taz is having a little separation anxiety verses a severe care of gastroenteritis. I know my dogs.

The dogs are a lot like toddlers or babies who can’t tell you what’s wrong, but if more doctors listened to parents there would be far more accurate diagnoses.

I took Jackson to a friend who is a vet in the states. We’re so close to the border that we’d be stupid not to take advantage of the savings. It’s about 30%-40% cheaper than going to a Canadian Vet. I’ll still keep my Canadian vet, but for certain things it’s worth it.

Best Emergency Vet Care? Orchard Park Animal Hospital. Affordable and Effective. Don’t hesitate and don’t go to St Catharines. Please. For your pet’s sake and your pocketbook. Go to Orchard Park.¬†

I got a call from the vet and it turns out Jackson’s titers are perfect. He doesn’t need any vaccines. I’m glad I did titers on this adorable little guy rather than blindly inject him with things he doesn’t need.

Taz was at the vets earlier in the week with an upper respiratory infection. I had no idea dogs could get head colds, but it turns out they can and it’s rare. Of course Taz would get one. She’s been on antibiotics and eye drops for a few days and seems much better. Phew…

My horse Autumn has also been under the weather. She has a history of COPD or heaves which is a breathing disorder. Turns out the COPD is worsened by a bout of pneumonia. After a few rounds of antibiotics and steroids she’s doing much better. She’s nearly twenty and we want to keep her happy and comfortable. Turns out I should be able to ride her again soon.

For christmas this year all my animals are getting antibiotics.



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