Tralee’s Transformation – Update!

The weather may be turning cool, but our hearts are warmed by the update and sweet photos we’ve received from Tralee’s adoptive family.

Tralee spent nearly six years in a puppy mill cage, and many months in our foster care program before his adoption in September.


His adopters Sheryl and David write,

“Tralee is such a joy to have around. Mad acts every morning, and very busy along with our poodle Bailey chasing squirrels and generally getting into trouble :) . Still a little nervous on his walks, but getting more secure every day.”

traleeupdate4Tralee has a fenced-in yard to romp in with Bailey!
traleeupdate3Couch puppy bookends!

“He has taken to the couch like a champ, and enjoys racing through the house stealing every slipper he can find. We just love him to bits and are so glad to have found him.”

traleeupdate2Tralee enjoying the sweet comfort of a real home and family
traleeupdateSnoozing is better with a friend!

The meek little boy who arrived so frightened, so broken, so unschooled in being a dog, has been transformed and will continue growing into his new life.

traleeaugust3rd2018Tralee healing at BCFS

Like other puppy mill survivors – the few who are fortunate to get out alive and to a rescue or shelter that devotes the time and intensive, patient, loving care to heal them – Tralee suffered from his past trauma, neglect and lack of socialization.


Gradually, Tralee passed milestones that would seem tiny to most, but are big steps for dogs confined in a cage for years.

He went from cowering and pooping in terror to learning housetraining, began sniffing hands in curiosity and wagging his tail, playing with toys, welcoming affection and belly rubs, walking on a leash in the big scary outside world (a work-in-progress!), playing with other dogs and learning from them, and experiencing joy.

tralee9croppedTralee and Cecil at BCFS

We’re grateful that Tralee found the perfect family to love and be loved by. Sheryl and David have experience with puppy mill dogs, and their poodle Bailey is the canine friend and teacher Tralee needs to continue growing into the dog he was meant to be and love life.

Tralee is at last  experiencing the joy and love every dog deserves. Thank you, Sheryl, David and Bailey!

Be all you can be, Tralee!


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  1. So happy that Traylee has found his forever home and is happy and thriving at last. Thank you Dave and Sheryl! Hugs to Traylee.

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