Tralee, a Male 6 year old bichon – Adopted

Hello! My name is Tralee and I recently found out that I am, in fact, a dog.


For years I had no idea what I was, merely surviving in a cage with many others. The water was slimy and my job was to make puppies.

I was rescued many months ago and have been trying to come to terms with my freedom. There are blue skies, fresh green grass and other dogs for me to learn how to be a dog.

This being a dog is serious business. 

At first I could only cower and shake when someone approached me or I would run away. I’m still not too sure about these humans, but this one I live with gives me belly rubs, but only when I’m in my bed and feel safe.


Its taken me months to recover from living nearly 6 years in a cage. For the first while the humans left me to do as a please and that was a shock to me!

I was given fresh water, a tidy haircut (for which I was a very good boy), plenty of food and soft beds to sleep in, but I still preferred the floor.

What surprised me most were the toys!

I had no idea I liked toys and liked to play with them.

There are other dogs to play with and I really like my big/little brother Cecil. He’s helped me get settled and taught me how to play. I even think I’m winning this game by being on top!


Sometimes Cecil and I like to cuddle and share a bed. I like my brother Zig too, but he’s often noisy and mom (I call her mom now) says he’s just “talkative”. DDA84122-C03A-49FE-93CC-58E51EBB6FAB Its nice to have a friend to cuddle with and fresh air, good food and good friends. I actually started feeling good about myself and would get really excited when mom came to the the sanctuary every morning. I even barked!

I’d say the big day came when I joined the pack on their morning walk. It was a little scary at first because the world is so big, but after a couple of tries it was fun! Mom would lead the way and everyone would bounce around and play. Mom had tears in her eyes as she watched my tail go up and my tongue lolly out happily, because she knew it was time for me to find my forever home.


Its taken me months and months to heal, but I think I’m ready for the love of a forever family. I am a special guy and will require a family with lots of love, patience, no kids, a fenced yard and quiet humans who are home most of the time. I get anxious when left alone, so I’d really appreciate another dog to keep me company and to continue my education on how to be a dog.

When I’m frightened I poop, so mom says we’re still working on house training. I’m going to live in the big house for a couple weeks while I wait for my new family to find me.


Are you a special family that would give me the time and patience I need to love you? I will never be an outgoing dog, but I will be a loving one.


9 thoughts on “Tralee, a Male 6 year old bichon – Adopted”

  1. This breaks my heart!! But sooooooooo greatful to BCFS! With lots of hugs and prayers I wish Tralee the best life with humans who can show that life is sweet and meant to be enjoyed! Best of luck! AND LOTS OF LOVE, ❤

  2. Love this story!!! Tralee you are in good hands at Beaver Creek and they will find you the best home! All the best Tralee and lots of love!!

  3. maybe beavercreekfarm should put their stories of each dog in book form and sell for donations great writing. Offer the book to schools for double fund raiser part of the money goes to selected school the other goes to beavercreek

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