Tralee, a bichon puppy mill survivor – Adopted!

The first picture we got of Tralee was a very sad looking bichon . He looked lost, forgotten and unloved.


Would BCFS take in this poor frightened puppy mill survivor, rehabilitate and find him a forever home? Did we have a spot open? Could we possibly turn him away? We couldn’t…

tralee side view

Our foster home welcomed Tralee with open arms, although it would take a few weeks for Tralee to welcome affection, we were patient.

We did notice his breath still smelled after having dental surgery, so we took Tralee to the vet for an assessment, blood work and antibiotics.

From the foster mom:

In terms of his physical health, he has three sets of stitches that will need to be removed sometime soon so will need contact info for the vet. He had many teeth extracted according to his accompanying papers but breath is quite rank. He enjoys his meals and in fact licks the bowl clean, is drinking, pooping and peeing. His urine is odiferous and concentrated.

Behaviourally, he remains quite anxious. He will not come out of his crate on his own in the morning, not even when coaxed with food. He continues to cower and run when I approach him even though we’ve spent hours cuddling. At least the above “run” is exercise otherwise he sleeps.
He has to be carried outside and simply drops and shakes, refusing to move, meaning that he is relieving himself indoors and occasionally in his cage. I’ve cautiously tried him on and off the leash outdoors with no luck.
I don’t see any of those joyful moments that I’m so used to in other dogs. He seems flat and only mildly responsive to tender touches……definitely evidence for a case against puppy mills.

Tralee’s blood work came back normal and the antibiotics were healing his mouth infection. Now that Tralee was on the road to recovery we found he became more outgoing. Foster mom talks about the first time she came home and he barked…  hope.


Leaps and bounds from the foster mom:

Tralee has been great today. Firsts barks out of the boy when I came home from shopping. Just so excited he couldn’t contain himself. Too funny!! Also took his first steps of many outside today. He had a good hour of exploring out there and seemed to really enjoy himself.

Breath is much better and gums are responding nicely to the antibiotics. So good!!
He’s really a different dog today. Is more curious, tail wagging when I approach and leaning in to sniff….all milestones since he’s been here


Even before we could advertise we had a family interested in Tralee from a single picture on Facebook. They were excited to open their home to Tralee and get their bichon a fluffy little brother.


Many thanks to Tralee’s foster mom for her dedication and patience to see this little man come into his own. Thank you!


We knew Tralee would need a very special home and a lot of patience and we are very happy that he has found the perfect home.  Congratulations Tralee and thank you Amanda and David on giving this special survivor a chance at a good life!  We are sure that their present dog Peanut and Tralee will become fast friends.

6 thoughts on “Tralee, a bichon puppy mill survivor – Adopted!”

  1. Sitting here and reading this breaks my heart about what this dog has endured in his short life in the mill. BCFS is such a Godsend to the SPCA Serving Erie County and that relationship is priceless to us. Thank you to all involved with helping this dog realize life can be good, all the way from the mill, to the SPCA, to BCFS, to his wonderful foster family and finally to his new home. It does take a village!

  2. I am so happy for Tralee! Many thanks to BCFS and to his foster and forever homes for taking a chance on him!!! He finally has the life he deserves!

  3. Tralee … have the most beautiful brown eyes! But we can see the abuse you have endured in them! Hope that you can learn to trust us humans again and give your love to your new family. You also have a new brother-sister Peanut to help you through trusting/loving and just having fun! Some day you will see that not all humans are something to be afraid of! Best of luck Tralee! Everyone is praying for you!! BCFS your the best!! always going the extra mile for our fur people in desperate situations! XOX

  4. Great job everyone! I remember the first time my puppy mill dog barked. A small connection but such a big step. Sounds like Tralee is on his way!!! Hugs and kisses to him.

  5. Thank you for getting Tralee to the point where she can appreciate the attention & love of a human. Thanks also to everyone involved in getting this sweet dog to a loving family.

  6. Literally crying as I read this! Such a wonderful happy ending ( or should I say beginning?!). Many thanks to all who believed in this little dog, who was so frightened- faith in what can be, and lots of love and patience!

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