Admiral Poco

Time… the great and powerful healer…

The Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary family has suffered the tragic loss of one of our beloved sanctuary animals. We are struggling to find our balance so we can continue to walk the walk of animal rescue.

It will take time  before we are ready to jump in with two feet or four paws and we greatly appreciate your patience during this time of healing.


We miss Poco more than we can express and hope our tears pave his way to heaven. Poco is the worst cruelty case we have encountered and we hope that he has finally found peace. We love you Pokes.



6 thoughts on “Time… the great and powerful healer…”

  1. Yes, Poco will be missed for a long time, for his security detail and for his coming to us for pets and love. He knew we all loved him and now he knows freedom from pain and blindness. Run freely, Poco, jump in the waves, run on the sand with Gizmo. Our hearts are heavy with your loss and your memory here will live on.

  2. So sorry to hear of your loss. It never gets easier, it seems, but know that eventually your broken heart will have more room for more love.

  3. Poco was such a sweet & confident little boy. I will always remember him running down the beach with his little goggles on. You showed him great love and care throughout his time with you. He will be missed and we all send our love!

  4. My heart is heavy for your loss. Certainly you gave him the best years of his life. He knew you loved him. I am thinking of you and Brent during this difficult time.

  5. So sorry for your great loss. What a sweet little guy, reminds me of my little guy Shaggy who also passed on. I understand your loss.

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