Tigger finds a Foster Home

We would like to thank all who wanted to help us find a permanent foster for Tigger.  We have found the perfect foster for Tigger and want to thank Beth for stepping up.  Beth is well versed in cat care having had many cats in her life and we are confident that Tigger will be well cared for.  As with all rehoming, there will be an adjustment period but patience and love will make the adjustment as easy as possible.

Beth with Tigger
Beth with Tigger

Surrenders aren’t always emotional, but Tigger’s held many tears.  Tigger is a 17 year old cat who was very much loved by his owners.  Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond their control Tigger needed to be rehomed.

Beth was kind enough to make the trip to Tigger’s home for pick up which helped to keep stress levels as minimal as possible for Tigger by only moving him to one location.   Having the foster and owners connect with each other before surrender and during the surrender helped everyone feel more at ease about a very difficult situation.

Owner, Foster & I shed tears and shared hugs.


As we go through life, there are many lessons to learn.  Our pets are pure of love and intention and are here to help us become better people.  There were comments made about “How could someone give up a pet after 17 years”.

Having facilitated Tigger’s surrender, I can assure everyone that it was a decision made in Tigger’s best interest and very emotionally charged.  We all need to learn not to judge other’s actions, especially when we are not walking in their shoes.

The message we would like to send out to all pet owners is that if you are in the situation where rehoming your pet is the only option, then please do not advertise your pet for free on Kijiji, Craig’s List or any other type of classified lists like these.  Take the time to search out reputable rescues.  Even if one rescue is full and cannot help, continue to seek out others.

Do NOT give up! 

Reputable rescues will do the leg work to ensure your pet is placed into an appropriate home that will take good care of your pet and make sure no harm comes to them.

BCFS relies very heavily on foster homes.  Fostering is not always easy but always rewarding knowing that you are helping many pets find forever homes.   Afraid you will become too attached to the pet you are fostering and won’t want to give them up?  No problem we always check with the foster first to see if they want to adopt before going to applicants.

BCFS covers all vet care for our foster pets. 

If you are interested in fostering for BCFS please fill out the Volunteer Application at this link http://beavercreekfarm.co/home/

We received this update from Beth on Tigger’s first night:

“I’m glad to say Tigger did really well in the car and settled in nicely. When we got home, I let him out of his carrier in my walk-in closet with his litter, blanket and some water.    

Lola, Beth’s Pomeranian

Lola and I left the house for a walk to give him some time to depressurize.  He was a good boy and used his litter while we were out.  I opened the door into the bedroom to let him explore that space a bit, and he had a good visit with me while I put out his scratch pads and gave him some kibble (which he had a snack on).  I think he really likes the Feliway atomizer – he goes right up to it to  face bump it and smell it.  He is clearly interested, so I hope it is helping to make him feel more secure. I put his scratch pad right next to it, and put some catnip on it.  He has tried it out and likes using it as a pillow.  At bedtime, I let him into the rest of the apartment, while Lola and I stayed in the bedroom.  He was not at all vocal, and used his box again during the night.  He is back in the bedroom now, with the door open a crack, so he and Lola can see each other a bit. I think he would actually like to come out and meet her, but I am taking their introduction slowly.  She is pretty much just ignoring him, though she did give his blanket a sniff.   So far, everything has gone really smoothly. 

There has been no hissing, barking or drama of any kind. 

They are both very calm animals, and I anticipate they will get along well.  Tigger is mostly hanging out under furniture at this point, as I’m sure he’s not fully secure and hasn’t established his “places” in  the house yet.  He’s not terrified, though, and does come out for pats when I go in the room or call him.  He has already started grooming me just a little.  Tigger is a very affectionate old guy and I think he’s a good fit.  My family is looking forward to meeting him.  It’s so nice to have a cat! “


We are very happy that Tigger is settling into his new foster home and we can’t thank Beth enough for taking him in.







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