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Tia – Yorkie – ADOPTED!

My good friend and co-worker Kathy saw the little yorkie on a  “free to a good home” ad on kijiji and brought it to my attention. I emailed the people with little hope they would email me back as most don’t bother.

My fear of a “free to a good home” dog is that the dog will end up in a bad situation such as a breeding facility, used as a bait dog or bounced from home to home developing behavioural problems and separation anxiety. Many of these dogs are sick and need medical attention. I contact people who post these ads to try and help the  dogs find the right loving family.

Tia’s story had some difficult lumps to swallow and became more convoluted the more phone calls we made. The young couple who contacted us stated they would like to surrender Tia to our rescue. They said they got her from a family that had stayed at a hotel where the woman worked.

We were told the dog belonged to a young girl who had terminal cancer and the only thing she wanted was a little dog, so the family got Tia from another family who no longer wanted this sweet dog. My first question: why was this dog being bounced from home to home? She was sweet, loving, easy on the eyes and house broken.

Day one at BCFS
Day one at BCFS

The young man brought the dog to the farm with a few sheets of paper containing her vet records. The records were basic and showed that she hadn’t been to a vet since 2011. The man was regretful and stated with sadness that they wanted to keep her, but couldn’t afford a dog right now. I was proud that these people knew they couldn’t afford a dog at this time. They were struggling, but there was something he wasn’t telling us as he pulled away in his truck.

I looked down at Tia as she stared at the backdoor realizing she’d been abandoned again. I could she  had some lumps, probably fatty tumors and I could smell the rotten teeth in her mouth. I was beginning to understand why this dog was being passed around regardless of her lovely personality…. she was going to rack up some vet bills.

I called the vet listed on the paperwork and explained who I was, that the dog had been surrendered and I was looking for information. The vet tech explained that Tia hadn’t been there since 2011, was never spayed at their clinic and in 2013 the family asked for the vet records to be transfered to a different vet in St Catharines.

I called the second vet for information and they advised me that the family had brought the dog to their office a year earlier and were told the dog was in dire need of a dental had a peritoneal mass and several mammary tumours. The family refused to provide any treatment at that time. A year later the young girl with cancer died and the family left the country leaving the dog at the vet’s office where she was picked up by the young couple who worked at the hotel where the family had been staying.

The next day I took Tia to our vet and the growths and masses had gotten bigger, her teeth had gotten more rotted, her uterus was infected  and the mass near her bum was possibly a hernia – her bowel was on the wrong side of her abdominal muscle.

One week in...
One week in…

It was exactly a week later on January 16, 2014 that we took Tia to the specialist for an ultrasound. We waited nervously as her belly was shaved and she was convinced to lay still.  Several hours later we were relieved to hear there were no organs in the mass and after a fine needle aspiration it was merely a benign tumor full of fat.

Tia would still need two surgeries. One to remove the fatty tumor and perform a spay. A second operation for dental surgery and remove multiple tumors from her mammary glands. We will be spacing these surgeries at least a month a part.

Tia’s first operation will take place January 23, 2014 for the dental and tumor removal. She’ll be in recovery mode for several weeks at the farm, until the second surgery at the end of February.


The cuddler...
The cuddler…

We would appreciate any donations towards Tia’s surgery. You can use the donate button on the home page of our website, an email transfer to amy@beavercreekfarm.co or a cheque made out to Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary to 2930 Bowen Rd, Stevensville, ON LOS ISO.

If you’d like to donate directly to Thorold Veterinary Clinic at 2B Sullivan Ave, Thorold, ON 905-227-7644 please tell them its for Tia from Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary.


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  1. Is Tia available for adoption? My daughter and son- in – law ( Gillie and Chris) are adopting Mia – and I am thrilled , for them and for Mia. She will be going to a wonderful home, these two are exceptional individuals with huge hearts and a great capacity for love and joy to share with their pets. I am hoping to find a small dog in need of a forever home. Please let me know if Tia could be considered . Gillie also mentioned to me that Muffin would be a potential fit for me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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