Those Carmel Eyes

So many things occur to me while soaking in my bubble and oil scented bathtub. I was deeply submerged in the tub and my favorite Nora Roberts novel.

So, I’m soaking and emotional over one of my favorite scenes when I see something moving in my peripheral vision. I look to my left past my book and at first my vision is a little blurry as I make out a pair of carmel eyes.

As my vision clears those eyes shine bright with love and joy. Her face softens as she realizes I’m looking into her eyes. Her tail thumps twice with delight. I continue to look into her eyes and for a moment I feel peace and love. I feel all the sweetness of the world held between us. I feel the tears burning behind my eyes and the lump in my throat as the love for this little being comes to the front of my mind. I am so grateful to have this little soul show me how to love. I smile and her eyes soften to liquid. Wow, if this feeling could be bottled there would never be war. How can we fight when we are filled with liquid love?

There is a bond between Taz and I that is undeniable. We share a personality and vision: a love of life, a defender of injustice, a protector of the weak and a watchdog of the farm. I define myself more throughly through my puppy than I can on my own.

As I soak naked and vulnerable in the oil scented water and stare into the carmel eyes of my most trusted partner I feel alive and real. She is my reflection and I’m happy to see I’ve raised a being so full of love, but also willing to defend the weak. I’m proud to be like my eight pound puppy.

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