kittens adopted

Thelma and Louise – Kittens Get Adopted!

Thelma “Spot” and Louise “Cow” – Get Adopted!

The three kittens huddled under the deck of the big house in NiagaraFalls, ON watching a mother fox hunt in the backyard. They didn’t make a sound even though they were damp and hungry. As night fell they climbed into the steel window well and sat at the bottom, but were soon trapped, their tiny bodies too small and weak to climb out.

kittens adopted

They were stuck and grew weak at the sun came up dazzling them with its brightness. When a big hand reached down to grab them they started hissing, spitting and growling to protect themselves, but it was no use. They were caught.

They were dropped into a cardboard box and left on the top of the deck for hours. They warmed in the box, but refused to touch the food or water brought to them. Finally another hand reached in, but this hand was softer as it gently cuddled the tiny kitten and brought it into the sunlight.

Little did the kittens know they had found themselves under the deck and into the window well of the Mayor of Niagara Falls himself, Jim Diodati, who contacted Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary to come and care for the kittens.


The kittens found themselves in a quiet room with tasty food, fresh water and a litter box. They were left alone to explore and even play. As the days grew longer the kittens became braver.

The little orange and white kitten was the bravest by far and it wasn’t long before he was wandering all over the house looking for fun. He soon went to a foster home for one on one care. Little did Thelma & Louise realize that before long, their brother “Jake” was adopted into a loving family home.

Louise remained angry and would growl, swat, hiss and bite at anyone who came near. Thelma was a less aggressive and more food motivated. People brought food, so eventually she loved people.

The sisters were taken to another home for several months where they were handled and played with for hours on end. They were socialized with other cats, dogs, kids and people. They went to the dreaded vet for vaccines and de-worming. They were treated for fleas and then loved some more.

The time came for the sisters to return to the farm for adoption. They came back and Louise was angry again. She hid under the bed and refused to come out. She bit the hand that fed her and spit at everyone.

The people gave Louise some space as Thelma soaked up the attention. Finally, Louise came out of hiding and ate. Then she came for treats and now if you walk into the house and call “babies” both kittens come running for love.

The last torment came Aug 14, 2014 when the sisters went for their spay. They returned to the farm the same day with pain medication and extra kisses. Fully vaccinated and spayed the sisters were finally ready for their forever home.

On May 30th at barely four weeks old the three kittens were accepted into Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (estimated birthday date May 3, 2014) and on August 20, 2014 the two sisters will be adopted into their forever home.


These kittens had a very rough start in life and I hope you will love them as we have loved them. Thank you for adopting Thelma & Louise (often called Spot and Cow). If you ever need to find them simply call out “babies” and they will come running.

Their foster mom Mary has asked us to pass on a card and a letter. These babies have been loved and are very trusting and loving of people. Best wishes to your new family. Please take care of them.

kittens adopted

We trust you to love them and thank you for adopting a lovely pair of sisters.

Amy Bremner
Founder and President

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