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The Saga of the Town of Fort Erie

Our trouble with the Town of Fort Erie and the Fort Erie SPCA started when we were fostering dogs for the Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport back in 2012. The representative for the OSPCA came to my door and told me there were complaints about the animals on the farm. So much more has happened, then and since. Here’s just a summary of the saga of the Town of Fort Erie and Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary.

The Saga of the Town of Fort Erie

Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) is a registered charity animal rescue in Stevensville, ON who provides sanctuary for companion and farm animals that have been abused or neglected. We ensure the animals are healthy before they enter our adoption program.
adoptable maltese maltipoo puppies
We received our Registered Charity 828253435RR0001 status in January 2014 and in our inaugural year we rescued forty-four animals. With over 95% moving on to loving forever homes. 
boston puppy
We are also filming a TV series for the pet network to educate the public about the plight of rescue animals.
furever home tv series teaser puppy mills episode
We have several short films available that explain our goals:
volunteer meetup 24 jan 2015
BCFS is media friendly and have a solid social media following. We look forward to bringing the following issues into the spotlight.
furever home tv at beaver creek sanctuary
Our trouble with the Town of Fort Erie and the Fort Erie SPCA started when we were fostering dogs for the Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport back in 2012. The representative for the OSPCA came to my door and told me there were complaints about the animals on the farm.
The first complaint was for having too many dogs on our twenty-three acre farm. We had our three dogs, our flock guard dog and one foster dog – a pint sized chihuahua named Vincent. We were told we would not be eligible to foster a dog as having four companion dogs was a violation of the three companion dog limit bylaw. The second charge was for having dogs tied up in the backyard. We have five foot no-climb fencing and none of our animals were tethered, but we were told it was our responsibility to prove the dogs weren’t tethered – so I pointed at our flock guard dog Gus as he lay under an apple tree. What good is a guard dog to livestock if he’s tethered and unable to defend his charges?  At that time we offered to give the OSPCA officer a tour of our farm, but he declined.
january volunteer meetup
Splash says HI close up and personal
The only way we would be able to foster was to petition the town and get the bylaw changed. In May of 2012 with the much needed support of the community I made a presentation to the town and got the bylaw changed. Little did I know the change would cause more problems when we started our own rescue in 2014.
dog foster orientation
The new bylaw demanded a foster family have five acres and be zoned agriculture to qualify to purchase a foster dog licence. They added that you would need this licence even if you were under the three dog bylaw limit. Since none of my Fort Erie foster homes had five acres I lost places to rehabilitate foster dogs and the residents of Fort Erie lost the opportunity to be a foster home.
volunteer meetup feb 2015
The cost for the foster dog licence is  $125.00 on top of the regular dog licences for my own dogs $100. The town was demanding my payment of $225.00 every year to help rescue animals. This is a large expense for a small rescue.
The SPCA later added a $50 fine for harbouring a rescue dog without a licence.
shipoo permanent foster
In late 2014 we applied for a kennel licence and were denied because “we know you’re rescuing animals” and a kennel licence is only available to those who are breeding animals for profit. The massive wave towards progressive thinking regarding animals should be reflected in Fort Erie’s animal bylaws. With fewer and fewer people supporting breeders and puppy mills its important to get on board with the new changes in how the world views companion and farm animals.
2015 calendar beaver creek farm sanctuary
The city of Niagara Falls has amended its bylaws to allow Registered Charity Animal Rescues to quality for kennel licences:
  1. (1) Notwithstanding section 1, a dog rescue group may keep more than three dogs upon filing with the Clerk satisfactory documentation proving that the group is a bonafide dog rescue organization, and(2) A dog rescue group shall operate under a kennel licence.
The representatives from the Fort Erie SPCA and OSPCA visited me again in fall 2014 regarding the number of dogs we had on property. Occasionally, it has been necessary to have 2-3 dogs at the farm for a night or two before foster homes are available to pick up their charges. I had to prove the dogs were off the property within 7 days and I was threatened with a fine. Gus
On May 14, 2015 the Fort Erie SPCA representative and the OSPCA officer came to the farm with a notices of a stack of bylaw violations adding up to over $5,000 in fines if not addressed by BCFS within a limited amount of time.
open house oct 26
The first offence on May 14, 2015 was for violating the exotic animals bylaw that classifies alpaca as exotic animals. No other town in the Niagara Region has alpaca listed as an exotic animal.
In fact, a few weeks prior BCFS received a call from the Niagara Falls Humane Society asking us to take these three unwanted alpacas who could no longer be cared for by their then-current owner. We agreed and brought the alpaca to our farm. We immediately made arrangements to have the alpacas seen by a vet for neutering, vaccinations, de-worming, and trimming of their teeth and hooves. The vet was actually on-site at BCFS working on the alpacas when the SPCA and OSPCA handed me the violations.
I have been informed that I have ten days to remove the alpaca from the town of Fort Erie. I explained that the alpaca needed a few days recovery from neuter surgery (one of three completed that day; two others to be neutered the following Wednesday) and they are set to be sheared on May 25, 2015 and could I extend the length to at least fifteen days in the best interest of the health of the animals. The officers gave me until May 26, 2015 to have the alpacas out of town or I will be charged $5000. The BCFS large animal vet is willing to talk to the Fort Erie SPCA regarding the extension of time required and the impact on the health of the animals.
The OSPCA officer advised me in writing that I “… must notify the Fort Erie SPCA where they ahve been relocated. Failure to do so will result in a summons for a court appearance.”.  BCFS bylaws provides reasonable privacy to adopters along with Canadian Privacy Law.
According to the exotic animal bylaw in Fort Erie you can only have alpaca if you run a business that is profiting via a breeding program or by selling their fibre. Again, this bylaw is incredibly antiquated supporting the concept of making money off animals and not allowing sanctuaries to help unwanted animals.
Hamilton does not list alpaca as exotic:
Niagara Falls HS does not list alpaca as exotic animals:
Our large animal veterinarian has offered to call the Fort Erie SPCA and speak to the staff regarding the quality of care the animals receive at our farm.volunteer meetup event jan 2015
The second offence on May 14, 2015 was a $260 fine for not having my personal dogs licensed in Fort Erie. We are in a year of transition and we have moved our dogs to a new location. The OSPCA officer informed me that it was my responsibility to notify the SPCA that the dogs no longer live in Fort Erie. I was unaware I needed to notify the SPCA that we were moving. This is when I started feeling bullied. The OSPCA officer told me to have our new town fax the dog licences to the Fort Erie SPCA if I wanted to avoid the fine.
Master of all she sees, Taz takes it in!
The third offence was $65 for not purchasing a foster dog licence. We are no longer keeping dogs at the farm in Stevensville due to the problems with the Fort Erie SPCA. The offence stated that “Amy Bremner” would no longer qualify for a foster dog licence. At this point I feel like I am being singled out and harassed.
mia beta rescued dog
Our farm spans twenty-three acres and is zoned agricultural in Stevensville. We have a barn and several outbuildings. We completed an upgrade to our fencing last fall 2014 with volunteer help and donations from Home Depot and TimberMart. Our 3800 square foot home is clean and set up to accept animals with a wash station and skilled volunteers.
Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary Volunteer Meetup Report Jan 2015
The Fort Erie SPCA and Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary are both registered charity animal rescues. The biggest difference is that the Fort Erie SPCA has the contract for animal control in Fort Erie, and of course the volume of animals they manage. The kennel used at the Fort Erie SPCA is old and very cold, especially for the small breed dogs like shih tzus or maltese. BCFS houses their dogs within family homes where they receive basic training and human contact making them more prepared for adoption. There have been many studies done regarding kennel stress in dogs housed in solitary kennels, which often sets them up for adoption failure. I have taken many dogs from humane societies that were considered “unadoptable” and found them the right forever home.
Our adoption process includes a home visit to the potential foster and/or forever home. I do not believe many SPCAs or humane societies do home visits. We request personal and veterinary references as part of our adoption process. Once the application is completed it is sent to our board of directors for approval.
We should be treated as a Registered Charity Animal Rescue with an exemption from bylaws written for the masses, that will allow us to continue rescuing animals that are within our means. Over the last eighteen months  we have proven that we provide excellent veterinary care, offer free in home training for adoptive and foster families, and have a comprehensive adoption process.
We work in conjunction with a large and small animal vet, a variety of trainers, animal chiropractors and alternative medicines to improve the quality of life of the animals.
Beaver Creek Farms - Page 008
We work with other rescue agencies and humane societies – including Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport, Rescue Dogs Match, PetPoint Systems, Erie County SPCA, Toronto Animal Service, Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Evolucion Mexico, Lincoln County Humane Society and Niagara Falls Humane Society. We have brought in animals from other countries and have proof of the amazing care these animals have received as charges of BCFS.
beaver creek open house october
Most other towns have a section in their bylaws that allows Registered Charity rescues to operate beyond the limits of the towns local bylaws in providing care to animals (see above link for Niagara Falls HS). Its time for Fort Erie to jump on the ethically correct wagon.
Beaver Creek Farms - Page 007
City of Hamilton specifically 3.2 part b
City of Hamilton has allowances for foster homes.
Beaver Creek Farms - Page 010
BCFS does good work. We save animals and find them forever homes. We share common goals and would rather work with local organizations who share common goals.
Beaver Creek Farms - Page 006
You are welcome to join our cause and writing letters of support to our town council. These are the only people that can help save BCFS by giving us an exemption from the bylaws:
You can also support BCFS by donating on our donations page or in our new account at:

53 thoughts on “The Saga of the Town of Fort Erie”

  1. I think what you are doing at the santuary is incredible. I have always wanted to do something like this as I have a love of all animals. Keep fighting and never give up. This town has a problem supporting all good things. Yes we need to change these ancient bylaws soon !! I so admire what you do for these poor helpless animals..

  2. Hi there: This is shocking. I don’t know if it would be of any help, but there is an Alpaca farm in Stratford, Ontario called “Alpaca Acres”…. I wondered if they could assist if you needed to rehome your trio? Sending much love, Laura

  3. this is terrible how the town of Fort Erie is attacking you and not working with you and changing by laws to reflect the nature of your charity. This must be why the town has gone downhill and looks horrible. I grew up in Fort Erie and its definitely not the same place it was.

  4. Unbelievable!!!
    Hasn’t the Town of Fort Erie already got enough problems of its own with dwindling employment etc… Without going out and causing totally unnecessary grief to residents who are trying to do something decent for animals!!!!

    The harassing idiots from the city and the SPCA need to go out and get themselves a real job!!

    And they wonder why people don’t want to live in Fort Erie!!

    Absolutely appalling!

  5. I have been following the saga of the Beaver Creek Sanctuary and I am truly disappointed in the Town of Fort Erie’s actions toward a place that only has the welfare of animals in their hearts.
    As a true Fort Erie native (born and bred) it is almost impossible to believe but not surprising to hear of the discourse in the town.
    Please allow these people to do their jobs and follow their callings. There are too few people in this world willing to put words into actions.
    They should be applauded for their efforts.
    This could be a true eye opener instead of an ” I don’t believe the SPCA could be so heartless’. Use this as an opportunity to bring Fort Erie into the 21st century and let people see that we are truly trying to do some good.

  6. I am so angry at what the Fort Erie Council is doing.

    You should be praised at the highest level for the good you are doing to give these poor animals loving care and the neccesities
    of life.

    God bless you all for the kind hearts and love you give these wonderful animals.

  7. I have seen first hand the amazing job that you do with the poor little helpless animals that have been abused. You take them in, clean them up, nurse them back to health with love and compassion for every one of them. Please don’t give up! Fight for their rights and yours!! The Fort Erie SPCA should be ashamed!

  8. Your story is incredibly sad! Where in the world are the brains of the people in charge of the Town of Fort Erie and the SPCA. They are totally ignoring the good work you do for all those animals, and making this a personal vendetta against Beaver Creek Sanctuary. Keep up the good work you do, and DO NOT let those people change any bit of what you are doing for those helpless animals. THEY NEED U!

  9. How can we help? Can you start an online petition for people to sign or is there a contact in Fort Erie we can call/email. I for one would refuse to visit or support the Town of Fort Erie in any tourism type capacity.

  10. What an absolute disgrace. Shame on the Fort Erie SPCA and OSPCA for wasting so much of your time and resources. Shame on the person who reported you instead of going to see the good work done at BCFS. I wish you all the best of luck for the sake of the unwanted, neglected and abused animals who have found love and peace at your sanctuary.

  11. I think what you see doing is noble, helpful to man’s best friend *and other creatures big & small) and much needed. Sometimes my beloved town bewilders me. KEEP keeping on, keeping on. TOWN of Fort Erie, get this mess taken care of -To the animals advantage . A tax payer and life long resident. Gloria Knutt Moon.

  12. I grew up in Fort Erie but have lived in Kingston ON fir the last 30 years. We have Sandy Pines animal rescue out our way who does incredible work with injured or abused animals. I blows my mind how the SPCA can act so rediculous this is absurd!! What do they really stand for being advocates for animals and make it difficult for you to possible do such good work. It takes a lot of money, time and volunteers to run a place like yours. I am a big supporter and people need to stop and think of what they are doing to compound a situation making it worse. Idiots.

  13. I think what you are doing to help abused & abandoned animals is wonderful, Amy ! I know that you are a brave & compassionate young woman. Don’t give upon your venture. I am sure many people would be willing to support you. You should have our local papers do an in depth article on your farm. The more people that know about your plight the more support you will garner. GOOD LUCK !

  14. Perhaps OSPCA and FESPCA have a problem with an organization which is doing what they do, only BETTER. In a perfect Fort Erie, one would think that those 2 organizations might learn to co-exist with a 3rd group. This is what children are constantly being told to do. Why can’t they “play nice”?

    You are being driven out at the cost of animals who need help and look to you (and us) to give it to them. Not a bunch of laws which make no sense other than to keep certain poorly run groups in power. Good luck to you in all that you do and don’t let those (you-know-whats) get you down.

  15. I too have felt bullied from the FESPCA. I spent time volunteering there. I’ve donated money to the SPCA. I walked dogs, I’ve bathed dogs. I’ve cleaned cat cages. And I even vulunteered to update their social media page. Had I known then, what I know now about the FESPCA I would have avoided them althogether and ask you how I could help.
    This year they showed up at my doorstep demanding my dog licensing fee. I sadly informed them by dogs died a week ago… I have to tell you though, it was the second time they were informed of their passing, yet still came to my door anyways demanding the fees…… Without hesitation or batting an eye, the FESPCA officer said that I will then need to pay for a licence for my new dog, who I just adopted from the Welland Humane Society 2 days prior.
    My previous dog Genesis came from the FESPCA. I was told he was 8 and might have some site issues, but either than that he was good to go…. Oddly, he fee was 100.00 not the usually 275.00. When I asked Robin why his fee was so little she replied it was because of his age. I said ” he’s 8?!” She acknowledged this then mentioned that if something happens in a reasonable amount of time I can come in and get my money back. I thought this was odd.
    5 months later Genesis died. He got pancreatitis. The vet at the emergency clinic said it looked as though Genesis had been suffering from an undiagnosed infection for some time. His blood count was very low and we were informed that even with treatment our 11 year old Genesis would not pull through…… This caught us off guard. One because sadly our 14 year chow needed to be put bown two days prior to Genesis developing pancreatitis. And two, because the FESPCA told me he was 8.
    Stunned! I messaged Genesis’ previous owner who brought him to the FESPCA because she was working abroad, about the incident and asked her what his age was, she said he would have just been 11.
    When I relayed this incident to FESPCA officer who refused to leave my doorstep till he got his licensing fee, his response was something like…. ” you got a deal on the dog then, cause our fees are usually 275.00″
    My newest dog Irwin came from the Welland Humane Society. He was a stray, but he did come with a folder from a vet with his health history from the time he arrived at the Humane Society. Irwin also came with pet insurance, dog food, vaccinations, neutered, microchipped, flea and tick meds and a property check…. Non of which I received from the FESPCA when I adopted Genesis. Irwin’s fee was 300.00 and I would have paid 1000.00. Because that is how you adopted out a pet.
    I think what you are doing is extraordinary. I will do everything I can tell promote and help your organization. Please let me know how I can help.

    1. I’m so sorry for your tremendous loss; wishing a long, happy, healthy life to your entire family, xo

  16. I had no idea you were getting so much grief. The town needs to back you and the SPCA needs to back off. If you need anything let me know. We just happen to be doing a fundraiser next weekend for the Niagara Falls dog rescue group at the RCB Kinsmen clubhouse and if you would like to do something to help with your cost I’m game.

  17. My heart aches to see someone trying so hard to help out 4 legged friends only to be fighting short minded bureaucrats that push paper all day and haven’t got the slightest idea about what they are talking about. I wish for nothing but the best for you. Please don’t give up, what you are doing is admirable. Bless you!

  18. Keep up the fight as four paws, hoofed feet, or 2 paws show unconditional love which no SPCA can give! I have dealt with them on several occasions, & they are after the almighty $$, sad but true! The officer for this establishment needs a lesson in manners & I know has never been subject to neglect or worn a choke collar before, if he had he have manners! Sorry but true! We will meet, as I know you have made me smile along with my heart feel joy with your accomplishments! Keep up the Great Work! Unconditional Love is the Greatest Gift od All!

  19. The people and companies who sponsor the Fort Erie SPCA need to be told about this! No doubt they don’t know how their donations are being inefficiently wasted and used to drive these wonderful people away from helping animals in need!!

  20. I have shared this on FB and hope that the town of Fort Erie and their politicians wake up and know that there are responsible persons as you are that are caring for these vulnerable and loving animals. Guess they have no one else to harass.

  21. You are doing such an amazing job and to you and all of your volunteers, a big thank you. It appears as if you are being targeted by the continual harassment you are enduring and it makes one question the quality of people in this Town. Who would want to see such an amazing service suffer? As the “Joker” said… This town needs an enema! My letter will be sent to the Town today. Please don’t give up, you are truly an amazing organization!

  22. So the Town of Fort Erie has an Alpaca farm on Ridge Rd but they can’t sell animals to residents of the Town of Fort Erie unless that resident is going to breed and sell for profit too? I have a lot of questions for a lot of people after reading this

  23. 1999 I worked on a trail advisory committee for the town of Ft Erie, fighting for the rights of equestrians to be part of the Ft Erie rail trail. I had a similar very negative experience with Ft Erie’s city hall bureaucracy and it nearly ended in a class-action suit against the town. Town council aren’t the problem. It’s the employees who work for the town. ARGH! So many unethical back-door dealings at work! So much ego and control issues at play. Ignoring precidents set by other town. Illogical decisions. I do not envy you! Keep records and documentation. Get a lawyer. Maybe a QC will take this on pro bono?

  24. I have left the Niagara region years ago. Mostly because there were no nursing jobs. I live in California now. I could never return to Canada because of b.s like this. I commend you on your efforts to improve the lives of animals and be a guardian to their welfare.
    There are many rescue organizations here and they work hand in hand with the SPCA, because they are genuinely concerned about the lives of animals. Not about making a profit. It seems to me like you have a neighbor who keeps calling the city or someone in the city counsel sees a money making opportunity off of your goodwill. Stand tall and carry on. Hopefully the city of Fort Erie’s citizens will rally behind you! Best of luck. Maybe you should start a petition?

  25. This is only one side of the story……………..check the facts from both sides. Meanwhile with all this bickering and whinning really!!! It should be all about the animals. Both sides should work together and maybe some of the old by laws of the town could be changed to benefit all concerned.

  26. I worked at the Fort Erie SPCA many years ago when it was basically a renovated garage. I can tell you that this would have never happened then! We were all for the animals and whatever was best for them. Shame on the Town of Fort Erie! These people are trying to do good things and you are putting so many barriers in front of them. I believe you are right, it does sound like you are being targeted. Do they not have anything better to do with their time than harass people who are helping those who cannot help themselves? Again I say, shame on the Town of Fort Erie!

  27. You speak and care for those who can’t. Is there a petition going that can be circulated and signed put pressure on the town of Fort Erie???

  28. Hi Amy, just wanted to send some strength and support your way, don’t give up!! What you have done for these rescues is strictly from the heart and that’s what counts the most, You have a heart and you are sharing it with these animals that need it the most! Sounds like Fort Erie SPCA is trying to protect their territory, some SPCA’s want to keep all donations coming to their facility to keep their jobs, very sad when it’s the animals lives that need to be saved!!

    I teach Pet Tech Pet CPR & First Aid Classes and currently I donate a portion of the class fees to non profit pet organizations in the Quinte Area, if you’re interested I would be to hold some classes in the Niagara Region and donate a portion of the classes to your sanctuary. Please contact me if you are interested hosting some classes and we can discuss the details.

    Regardless, don’t give up, thankfully the world is full of animal loving people and we are all here to support causes like yours!

  29. I have a 12 yr old son with Asperger’s syndrome and a normal 6 yr old boy as well. We have 2 cats in our home that are fully indoor cats only. If you have a pup or a dog and feel like we be a good foster home, please let me know. I would love to bring a small to medium rescue into my home.

  30. Good Luck in your fight!
    I’m not from your area but I will do what I can from a distance by sharing your story.
    Don’t give up…these animals need you.

  31. You are doing a tremendous job and the work you do at this sanctuary is amazing and appreciated. Fight the Good Fight.
    Shame on Fort Erie…

  32. It’s not the town itself, it’s the neighbors and residents that call and complain. This forces the town to enforce rarely used bylaws. Instead of campaigning against the town, you would be better off moving to one of the muncipalities you quoted as being more animal friendly.

    Fort Erie suffers with an overabundance of retirees who refuse to allow change or influence on their daily, fixed-incomed, lives. This causes problems on many fronts. City council itself is plagued with infighting and disunity for the same reason.

    The bylaws are highly unlikely to change, simply because of the risk of an elderly person in a condo could take advantage and start harboring hundreds of cats or dogs in a vain attempt to maintain social interaction. That’s why the bylaws exist in the first place.

  33. Koodos to you and your team for the amazing work that you do. It is absolutely disgusting to hear what you are being put through. Sounds like there needs to be some big changes made at Ft Erie SPCA.

  34. I cant seem to wonder what goes through peoples heads. They have a good thing going in there area and they try to destroy it. you guys are doing a wonderful thing with these animals that need help. I have taken in many strays over the years. I lived in the city of Hamilton and now moved to the country. for some strange reason strays still seem to find my husband and I no matter where we go. I would not reject them I would give them sanction until the owners were found. and the ones that couldn’t find owners I ended up keeping them. well I am with you keep heads high and fight the fight.

  35. keep up the great work! You need to go to the media that will open this wide and will definitely put pressure on the city along with the spca. Reporters love these stories. Contact CHCH and/or W5 to help get the word out. Send this article to them, I’m sure they will want to do a feature. It’s worth a try.

  36. I commend you for the good work you are doing. Their time could be better spent going after the puppy mills, backyard breeders and abused and neglected animals. I wish I lived closer I would love to volunteer for you. I wish you the best and good luck to you and the animals.
    Trenton, On

  37. Amy, you’re amazing. Thanks for taking care of all these animals. You’re a hero! Wishing you the best of luck, these animals wouldn’t be here without you. You and your team deserve the best!

  38. Shame, shame, and more shame. That’s the reputation of FESPCA! What a farce this organization is. Have they nothing better to do? IDIOTS seems to sum it up.

  39. I have had the fort erie spca show up at my door reminding me about my dog license for the past 3 years. Its a good 20min drive from their location to my house. They act like a collection agency! Why not just call or send a notice in the mail? What a waste of tax payers money!

  40. Maybe this guy can help
    Kurtis R. Andrews is an Eastern Ontario based lawyer and trade-mark agent who serves the legal needs of farmers and rural residents from across Ontario. Coming from a farm, with work in the trades and three degrees, Kurtis brings firsthand agriculture experience to his practice, which includes:

    rural issue, agriculture, animal welfare and constitutional law;
    defence (sic) work involving laws enforced by federal, provincial and municipal bodies, such as the OSPCA, MOE, MNR, Environment Canada, CFIA and by-law officials;
    civil litigation, including claims for negligence, defamation, trespass, Charter violations and negligent investigation;
    representation at various provincial and federal board /tribunal hearings, including the Normal Farm Practices Protection Board, the Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs Appeal Tribunal and Animal Care Review Board

    Kurtis can be reached as follows
    Address: P.O. Box 12032 Main P.O., Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 3M1
    Phone: 613.565.3276
    Fax: 613.565.7192

  41. What wonderful work you are doing at Beaver Creek! I understand the incredible commitment and dedication you and your team are devoting to this cause. I am President and Founder of Port Colborne Feline Initiative, a registered non-profit providing spay and neuter solutions to the issue of cat population in PC and now live in Fort Erie. I will be sending a letter to Mayor and Council with my concerns about animal welfare issues in Fort Erie and the need for swift and progressive change. I look forward to meeting you one of these days soon.

  42. This breaks my heart to read what they all have put you through. Makes me sick to see that a lot of the shelters are not for the good of the animals but for the good of their pockets :( There are far too many just made up random rules and regulations that are against anyone trying to help animals,,,,kinda backwards huh?
    i don’t have money to offer but I do do photography and if there is any way I can help , contact me :) Kudos to you and your group!

  43. I was drawn to this article by chance, because I too have started a federal not for profit Sanctuary in Fort Erie. I just moved here from Toronto 1 year ago. I must say I am appalled by what I read. Let’s do a petition and get everyone on this forum to share it and get online signatures. Please feel free to reach out, I’d love to visit your sanctuary. Thanks, Paige

  44. Ok i read all the comment……most pro BCFS and con SPCA……which is what should be expected on the BCFS site……but other that a single letter asking you to follow the same financial by law that all the residents of FE have to follow i do not see you being harassed……did you research the by law before you started your operation or have you reviewed them even yet as this is being published….it is not the spca staffs job to create the bylaws just to up hold them……it is normal for people to have unhappy thoughts about an establishment such as the spca…..they do not make social calls they make visits in response to complaints… most cases if a resident is getting an spca visit it because there is a complaint……

    1. The FE SPCA are paid staff who are fulfilling a need in the community to enforce bylaws. In 2012 I had bylaws changed in hopes of allowing FE residents to foster rescue dogs, but that didn’t go so well. BCFS is a volunteer based animal rescue and if the community does not support BCFS then we will not continue to rescue animals in FE. We volunteer because we love animals and want to help. Yes, please, criticize and complain when rescues are doing something wrong. The SPCA has stated “we have never had a problem with how the animals are cared for…” Kathy, are you one of the people that has complained to the SPCA about BCFS? If so, can we please hear your complaint?

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