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The Ponies are Coming!!

The call came a month ago from a family looking to re-home two mini horses. Heidi: one very small, sweet palomino mare in her late teens and JB: a very rambunctious paint colt under two years old.


When I went to meet the family and the ponies she confided in me that she had a total of four equines looking for a home.

The other two are also miniature horses who are looking for forever homes, preferably together. The darker of the two is a former show mini horse named Montana and her best friend Annie has two blue eyes.

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The family said they were downsizing due to age and their only goal was to ensure these beautiful mares went to loving forever homes.


Many thanks to Melinda who sponsored their vet care allowing us to accept all four equines into the BCFS Foster Care Program. We will be welcoming these four on Sunday, November 29, 2015.

They will be getting their vet checks done and heading off to their foster homes.

The equines will be up for adoption once cleared their vet check.


Thank you to all those who have helped bring these four into a safe place. Special thanks to Michele from Sandarro Farms for fostering the fiesty colt JB!


If you are interested in adopting any of these equines please email an adoption application into our adoptions coordinator!


4 thoughts on “The Ponies are Coming!!”

  1. I have gone on kigigi looking if there were any miniature horses for sale, and a beautiful mare named Montana showed up, and so i was wondering if she would still be available for adoption if so you can reach me at irishjustinamoth13@bell.net or call me at 416-245-9481 thank you hope to here about this beautiful miniature horse soon!

    1. Hello! Montana is still up for adoption if you are interested please fill out an adoption application and submit it to Silvana!

  2. oh alright thankyou so much, and i have one question if i did adopt Montana would she be able to be transported to me or would we come and pick her up.

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