The Mailbox

There are two seasons in Canada: Winter and Construction.

Snow and snow removal is the big winter thing here in the north, but we get a reprieve from construction due to the extreme temperatures, horrible conditions and frost making everything heave. Often times the snowplows will hit a mailbox and absolutely destroy everything mail related.

This happened here at the farm last week.

I called the town and left a few messages, but never got an answer. After four days Brent and I decided we needed to fix the mailbox. That was a long time to go without mail when the electric bill, gas bill and phone bill was due.

We rummaged around the farm and came up with some scrap steel, tape and baling twine. I fired up the backhoe and Brent grabbed the rest of the tools. Giggling like a couple of kids we headed out to fix the mailbox. One of the tools Brent grabbed was the video camera.

I can’t say much more than: enjoy the show. A picture is worth a thousand words.

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