The First Honeymoon Kayak

September 24th, 2010
Happy Birthday Rob and Happy Anniversary to Lisa and Rob!!! I wish I was celebrating with you today instead of fishing Taz out of Greenbo Lake… again!!
Tomorrow is our one week anniversary and we’re thinking of celebrating with chocolate cake and a ten mile trip into town. Fancy!! LOL…
It turns out we’re the type of people who listen to country music when in Kentucky, wash plastic disposable utensils and take our trailer on our honeymoon. We also: write on our laptops, learn about geocacheing (thanks Brian and Jenn), take videos with our new digital camcorder (thanks Wojick Family) and watch our portable DVD player (thanks Debra and Harry) outside beside the fire (we watched our favourite movie last night on the little screen: Pump up the Volume – stuck in the 80’s).
We managed to drop our kayaks into the Greenbo Lake today and paddle for a little bit in the ninety-five degree heat. The wind picked up to cool us off and heat us up by having to paddle harder. Poco sat happily in captain’s position between Brent’s legs and Taz wandered up and down the front of my kayak. We really need to put a non-slip surface on the top. Luckily she only fell in once. They all have lifejackets, so I managed to fish her out without much ado and she happily wandered to the front of the boat as soon as her little paws hit the plastic. Gizmo stayed in the trailer for his mid-afternoon nap.
To our delight the little sea kayak survived it’s slide down the interstate without damaging it’s ability to float. Brent looked nervous as he pushed the kayak into the water and just sat still for several minutes before determining the craft was sea worthy. Miracles.
The state park is really filling in for the weekend and we’re happy to have a spot up on the hill. We’re angled sideways away from the people so we look fondly on the forest, but the noise of the other campers has reached our ears. Taz is so exhausted that she’s not barking and the boys have found comfortable spots to rest, which means we can rest as well.
We took a good hike after a few glasses of wine post-kayak. The heat really bothers the little dogs and we’re happy to hear it’s going to be seventy-five tomorrow. We should be able to tackle a good hike after the rains push through tonight.
Brent and I have decided this is one of our best adventures.
We’ve got the charcoal grill up and running again tonight. This is the last of our steak, shrimp and potatoes. I just flipped a steak and felt the first of many raindrops. I’m so happy we’re not in a tent!

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