The Fabulous Four – Adoptable Dogs at BCFS!

Are you looking for love in 2017? Love that comes with a wagging tail and sloppy kisses? If you don’t mind a little drool, BCFS may have your next best friend waiting for you!

Here are the four adoptable dogs currently in our foster care program. JuJu, Monique, Popcorn and Bergen are all waiting for their forever homes!



Do you like to give cuddles? Then JuJu may be your girl! She’s a sweet Jack Russell cross who loves to be picked up for long snuggles in bed. JuJu came into BCFS’ foster care program on July 28th and is very shy, but after months of fostering she does enjoy cuddling. She gets along well with other dogs, whether it’s curling up with them…


Or frolicking with her furry friends on long walks…


JuJu is a work in progress for both housetraining and leash training. A home with a fenced yard and another dog to play and curl up with would be perfect for her. She’s spayed, microchipped, up to date on her vaccinations and waiting patiently for a family to call her own!




Monique is one of the very special Northern dogs who make wonderful family members and people rave about. She’s approximately three years old, a healthy husky/dachshund mix who came to BCFS along with her son Boozoo (since adopted) on November 1st.


Monique is a lovely girl who loves to romp outdoors and gets along well with other dogs, but cats are not suitable companions for this girl since Northern dogs tend to have a higher prey drive. A home with a fenced yard and another dog to play with would be fabulous for happy Monique.


She’s spayed, dewormed, up to date on vaccinations and has many years of love to give the lucky family who adopts her.

boozoowater2Who doesn’t love to play in a good puddle?  Monique (l) and her son Boozoo in November

Monique is delightful and seeking a loving family of her own.



You gotta love that winning smile.. Popcorn came to BCFS from a neglect situation after being left alone in a hall for a year but he’s blossomed in our foster care program.


Popcorn is a 4-year-old bichon frise cross who will quickly get attached to you, follow you everywhere and give you all his devotion. He loves to play ball and with his toys and gets along well with other dogs and cats.


Popcorn is young and healthy, neutered, up to date on vaccinations, walks well on a leash and ready for his forever home!




Bergen is a sweet, shy puppy mill boy who came into BCFS several months ago along with his brothers (since adopted) Ruger and Fenton. We also rescued his mama Delana and sister Allura.


He’s a shih tzu cross who needs to be adopted into a home with a fenced yard and another dog to give him companionship and guidance. Bergen will play rough but won’t challenge another dog for top spot.


Bergen was adopted to a family at the end of October but escaped his new home the next day and gave us all quite a scare as he went missing for three days. Fortunately a family trapped Bergen in their fenced backyard and he came safely back to BCFS. You can read more about Bergen’s tale here.

Bergen is currently with a longtime specialized foster family that is experienced with puppy mill survivors and working with Bergen to reduce his flight risk.

bergenatrayes11-24threeBergen lounges on Raye’s couch with her dogs Pippa/Abby and our permanent Cushings foster Harriette relaxing on top

Bergen is smaller than he looks, he’s only 25 lbs. and good on a leash. He’s shy but will make a wonderful family member if you’ll give him one-on-one attention and time to trust. He’s neutered, healthy and up to date on vaccinations and looking for his forever home!


Are any of our fabulous four adoptable dogs right for you and your family? If so, please download an adoption application and when completed email it to our Adoptions Coordinator Silvana at:

Thank you for considering adopting one of our fostered dogs! They are all unique and deserving of love and lifetime homes.

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