The Dogs of Northern Ontario – ADOPTED!

It was late on a week night when I received an email from an unfamiliar name desperately seeking help to save a few dogs. The email said she worked as a nurse working in Northern Ontario and she was trying to save three dogs. I emailed her back and she told me about her experience.

” I came here to try and make a difference which I hope I have, at least in a couple of lives.  I arrived the end of June and was sitting out on my porch smoking when I was approached by a dog with a broken leg.  It was healing when we first met but he was malnourished, so I fed him and I think the food helped get him through.  His initial broken leg has healed though it’s disfigured.  I have no idea how old he is as its very hard to tell, even though you think they are old they are only 2 or 3. Life his hard for a dog in Northern Ontario.  For a dog to live greater than 5 or 6 years in this harsh environment is a miracle. About a month ago he disappeared, which was very surprising as he never misses a meal.  He was gone for  two days and when he returned, his ear had been severely burnt and his hind leg at the first knuckle had been smashed.  He allowed me to treat the burns and tensor the leg.  I think the original front leg causes him some pain as I see him limping, but I can never find a new injury.”  Kim named this dog Pal and if she can find a rescue to take him she will be flying home with him in late August. I can only imagine the horrific life this dog has endured. Tortured, burned, beaten and starved. No home. No soft bed. No bowl of kibble. Buddy He’s survived the harsh environment of Northern Ontario and has found a friend in Kim, he’s found his salvation and hopefully a better life. But, wait… there’s more to this story. When Pal came to Kim he brought a friend. A terrified, half starved female with a single young puppy in tow. “I named the female Precious who had mange starting on her hind right leg but with some tender loving care her fur returned.  She watched me closely when I was around her pup, I named Boston.  I have come to learn that a human took all of her other pups, not sure how many but either they couldn’t catch Boston or she had hidden him.  He was still nursing when they first came to me. The rest of her litter has since perished.  She has been abused by somebody as she is very leery of anybody with anything in their hands. Precious would make an awesome guard dog as she patrols the back of the nursing compound keeping the gas sniffers out and myself along with 3 other nurses and a doctor safe.  The pup lays by me when I’m out and Precious loves to have her belly rubbed.  She always comes for a little pet but not like a dog that knows any type of human love.” Kim thought she had a place for Pal and Precious to go until one night a kid approached Boston carrying a stick and Precious bit the child. It was a simple bite, but the family of the child is determined to kill Precious and her pup. The people barely survive the harsh climate and horrific living conditions. What chance does a dog have hated by a community? The foster home who initially agreed to take Precious and Boston backed out after hearing about the biting incident. Nobody likes a biter – Poco was a biter. Kim asked if we could take the mom and pup if she can get them to BCFS. Should we turn our backs on these dogs? Are they better off destroyed or do they deserve a chance at a better life? We believe every living creature deserves a chance at a better life. We believe every animal deserves a dry safe place to to sleep, a full belly and love without judgement. Precious and Boston will be arriving at BCFS on Aug 20, 2014 after a twenty-one hour trip from Northern Ontario to Toronto in cargo. Initially, for safety and medical reasons, these dogs must be isolated from other animals. We have a small outbuilding that requires cleaning and repair, but would be a safe dry warm place for rehabilitation. We need help. We need help getting this building ready by Wednesday August 20, 2014.  Our schedule is varied this week, but please contact us if you are available to help. On Wednesday afternoon we are in for some dirty work and the final push. Please come out and help us create a suitable shelter for these three dogs. The building has electricity, it is in dire need of a proper cleaning, building a floor and if time permits a new coat of paint on the inside. The roof isn’t the best, but it will keep most of the rain out, we’d love to replace the steel roof, but that’s not an option right now – unless we find an angel who can not only donate material, but man power too. These dogs have never had a proper shelter, so whatever efforts we have will be greatly appreciated. Donations towards these dogs would be greatly appreciated. You can donate by paypal on our donations page, via email at or send cheques payable to Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary 2930 Bowen Rd, Stevensville, ON L0S 1S0 Buddy, Precious and Boston thank you.  We are hoping these dogs will be up for adoption after a few weeks rehabilitation. If you are interested in adopting from BCFS pleased fill out an adoption application on our Documents and Forms page and email to

Our sincerest thanks.

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