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The Anxious Animal

Peace Love and Happiness my friends!

We’ve all dealt with an anxious animal at one time or another, whether it be thunderstorms, nighttime, separation anxiety or a little dementia that comes with age.

We’ve tried all sorts of methods to calm the savage beast, some work and some don’t. Find what works for you.

My humble suggestion

What works for my anxious little shih poo Super Taz is meditation. Its a lot of work on my part, but there’s no chemicals, no drugs, nor constrictive clothing.

I started meditating to help my own anxiety and was surprised at how it affected my canine counterparts.

I like to set the scene. 

Turn the lights on low, play meditation music (just ask Alexa for spa or meditation music), light a candle, light some incense if that pleases you.

Sit or lay down and try to quiet your busy mind. Even if you do it for fifteen minutes it will bring your pets closer to you. I find with my nervous little dogs they like to lay with me, touching me and falling asleep.


My Super Taz hates thunderstorms and I’ve tried everything: thunder shirts, sedation, aromatherapy, cuddling, distraction, talking, not talking, quiet spaces etc…


Durning a particularly bad storm I decided to mediate and she came right over, shaking and panting seeking comfort. I placed my hands on her body and just took deep breaths calming myself and the energy travelled down to Taz.

She stopped panting and shaking. 

At first I had to do the full on set the scene to get her to relax, but now I can hold her and put my hands on her body and breath deeply and the shaking stops.

I practise everyday and the more I practise the better I get at calming my canine companions. It works at the vet’s office, in the car and during the dreaded thunderstorms.

Sometimes its the only thing that works. 

Meditation is good for your companions as well as yourself. You’ll find yourself better able to manage stress, critical thinking and helping those around you.

Whether it sounds hokey to you or not… it works for your companions.


They don’t have our hang ups.

Teach your children to sit and be still. To breathe. To get in touch with calmness. Make a routine, so when that day comes that the sh!t hits the fan you’ll be better able to manage.





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