Thank you Chiropractic on Fourth!

It was a bright Saturday morning when Dr. Tracey Dryden from Chiropractic on Fourth (1931 Fourth Ave, St. Catharines, ON L2R 6P9 Phone: (905) 641-3000) with a large pot of geraniums – a barn warming gift she said. Delighted as always with Dr. Dryden’s professionalism and personalized care we proceeded to look at our first patient:



Chevy is a warmblood to came to BCFS through another rescue after being abandoned and left to starve. On arrival he was very shy and would run away from us. As the winter months passed Chevy started to trust us, but we noticed he wasn’t walking quite right.


Tracey said he might be from his damaged right leg, but not in the way I thought. The damage in his right leg happened because of the limited movement in his left leg. Compensation caused the damage. Once it was pointed out we realized Chevy had muscle wasting on his left side.


Tracey did many adjustments and gave us some exercises to do to build muscle on the left.A week later Chevy is moving better and transitioning smoothly into the canter – something he seemed unable (not unwilling) to do prior to Tracey’s care.

With the big horse taken care of Tracey moved onto the dogs.


Cricket is an 8 year chihuahua who was a little powerhouse in the front end and very thin in the back. Tracey did an adjustment to help engage his hind end.18954640_10158714267540316_7060840939984007087_o

A week later Cricket is more bouncy and his backend is starting to fill out with a tiny bit of muscle.


Jackson is an approximately 7 year old shih tzu mix who had a traumatic brain and spinal cord injury in March 2017. Jackson spent 11 days in ICU in Toronto and had spinal surgery. He has left side weakness and Tracey gave Jackson an adjustment to open up his neck and back to movement.


She also gave us some exercises to help him regain muscle on the left side. A week later Jackson is running faster than prior to treatment and is even able to bounce for a cookie!


BCFS can’t thank Tracey enough for all her help with our animals.

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