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I’m laying in bed relaxing and I have Tashi between my knees, so I know she won’t accidentally fall off the bed.

She’s so grateful for the cuddles. Grateful to be clean, dry, warm and healed. She loves deeply, but it takes her a long time to trust.

tashi 3

Tashi is over a decade old and has likely lived through some terrible times. Her damaged body tells the story of too many puppies and abuse. How does a seven pound dog get a broken jaw?

It took weeks before she finally trusted me and weeks more before she was happy to see me.  Now, weeks later she looks for me. She wants to be near me and she wants love.

It’s all dogs ever want. Love. Kindness. Acceptance. You’re a fool to think they want to fight – unless they think their fighting makes you happy – then they fight. For you. For your love and happiness.

Dogs are like children in their thoughts. What child doesn’t want happiness for their parents? What did you want when you were five years old? To see your mom. To see her smile at your macaroni art.

Tashi wants nothing less, but when she’s lived her life year after year doing what she thought would make you happy only to survive with broken bones, blindness and infection.

tashi close up

Still she only wants your happiness.

Sometimes I pity dogs and their devotion to people. Humans don’t deserve such devotion. Such unconditional love.

Go hug your dog and tell them how happy you are to have them in your life. Go hug your kids and tell them the same thing.

Tashi is looking for a loving home, but think hard if you’re worthy of her devotion.

One thought on “Tashi”

  1. Love your thoughts on Tashi ! This really makes you think about if you should adopted a furry friend/family member. Can we really give them the life that they deserve!! and the unconditional love that they should have! You better be sure because these special animals need the love and security that they never had!! Please don’t come and say after a few weeks/months that you don’t have time to give them what they deserve and more. This seems to happen a lot these days! If you can make a commitment to make a home for one/two of these loveable/beautiful souls that’s the best thing that could happen in your life! Just make sure PLEASE!!!!! Great thoughts! Everyone should read this article before adopting!! Keep up the good work BCF!! your the best!

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