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We Wrote Our Vow

Bride to Groom:
I Amy take you Brent to be my best friend, partner in cahoots, travel companion and husband.
I promise to be faithful, honest, kind and loving.
In front of God, family and friends I vow to be a good wife, honest partner and willing adventurer.
I will stand by you during the good and bad. I will love you all the days of our lives.
Groom to Bride:
I Brent take you Amy to be my wife; my equal, my muse, my confidant, my conscience.
I promise that you will have the first choice of crayons when we colour, the best hammer when we build.
In the presence of God, our family and friends I vow to be a best friend & faithful partner and to love and cherish you as long we both shall live through joy and challenges.